Who Is Known For The Godfather Of IPL

The Indian Premier League is one of the top most viewed leagues in the world. The fans of this short-format cricket tournament are increasing with every season. Players from all over the world come to India to join the IPL. In fact, domestic players gain the best experience of cricket while playing with and against class A international players.

Now the debate between the fans always takes place about who is the best player. Everyone calls their favorite player the godfather of IPL. But not all deserve to attain that position. However, it is also not fair to the rest of the players unless you are Sachin Tendulkar. Who deserves to be called the God of Cricket.

Thus, the answer to this question about the godfather of IPL depends upon individual choice and preferences. Below we are going to discuss the details.

1. Jasprit Bumrah- the dangerous bowler

Bowling in the IPL plays a crucial role. As, in such short format cricket, the economy rate of bowlers is difficult to keep low. However, a bowler like Jasprit Bumrah has an exceptional record in the IPL till now. In total, the playing record of Bumrah in 120 matches of the IPL is marvelous taking 145 wickets. And the economy rate was just 7.35.

Thus he deserves to be a godfather of IPL as per fans of his bowling.

2. The Hitter of IPL

When we talk about the top T20 cricket top hitter, the name Chris Gayle of the West Indies comes to mind of everyone. This batsman’s strike rate is also good. However, the thing that makes him exceptional is his highest score in the IPL to date. In 2013, he scored 175 runs in a single match. Which is a record score for any player in the IPL history. The other record he holds is of the maximum sixes, i.e 357 sixes. Then why could not he be the godfather of IPL?

3. Run Machine

Yes, you are guessing it right. We are talking about one and only Indian batsman Virat Kohli. The player’s batting style is already impressing even the great players too. Moreover, he holds the record for maximum runs in a single season of the IPL. And, in the very same season of 2016, he did hit maximum sixes too. There is another record Virat Kohli holds, which makes the title “Run Machine” suits him. He is the fastest player to score 6000 runs in the IPL till now. His current score is 6336 in 209 matches. Though, he did not win any IPL titles. Still, his outstanding performance and speed to score runs definitely make him the godfather of IPL.

4. Hit-Man

The hit-man of the IPL, Rohit Sharma, is one of the top batsmen in the world.  Also, after MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma is one of the best captains too. He is the third-highest scorer in the Indian Premier League after Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan.

In total, Rohit Sharma holds the title of most successful iPL captain with 6 titles to his name. Five of which he won as the captain of Mumbai Indians. And, one title as Deccan Chargers’ captain. Thus, this classy captain deserves to be called the godfather of IPL.

5. Thala as the best finisher

The Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni is extremely popular for his captaincy skills. The team always relies on him during tough situations. With his cool attitude and lightning-fast wicket-keeping skills, the captain cool always takes the right decisions. In fact, during DRS his point of view matters a lot.

Thala is well-known as a finisher. During death overs, he has the ability to turn the match in the team’s favor.


From the above discussion, it’s crystal clear that giving the title of the godfather of IPL to one particular player will not be fair to the rest of the players. Every fan has their own preference for the title. The opinion varies from person to person.

So, no matter who you think deserves this title, just do not forget that a lot of young and incredible players are coming into the limelight in the Indian Premier League. In no time, the fans of those young players will grow too.

Therefore, keep loving the players and the game. The upcoming season of IPL is not so far away. Keep the craze alive and enjoy.

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