Who Has Been The Biggest Flops This IPL 2023?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 is already in full swing, and as usual, some players are performing very well while others are having problems. This article will examine the top five players that have had the worst seasons thus far.

Choosing factors for the biggest flops in the IPL 2023

The following factors can be taken into account when selecting the biggest flops in ipl 2023:


The player’s performance in the current IPL season would be the most crucial factor. The guys who were supposed to perform well but didn’t should be the center of attention.


Consistency is another crucial factor to consider. Priority should be given to players who regularly perform poorly throughout the season.


Prospects from the player are also crucial. Yet, if they fail to do so, it would make them a strong contender for the list, If a player is part of a high-profile platoon and is anticipated to deliver big performances.


The Reputation of the player is also essential. Yet, if they fail to deliver in ipl 2023, it would make him a strong contender for the list if a player has a good track record in IPL or has performed well in other T20 leagues.


The impact of the player’s poor performance on the platoon should also be considered. Yet, it would make him a stronger contender for the list, If the player’s poor performance has redounded in losses for the platoon.

Considering these criteria, we can arrive at a list of the biggest duds in IPL 2023. 

Top 5 biggest flops in IPL 2023

So far, the following players have yet to meet expectations and have failed to perform in the ipl 2023.

1. Prithvi Shaw

2. Riyan Parag

3. Dinesh Karthik

4. Jofra Archer

5. Mitchell Marsh

Player analysis and reasons for their poor performance in IPL

Prithvi Shaw

Prithvi Shaw is a talented opener for the Delhi Capitals, but he still needs to perform this season. He has only scored 47 runs in six matches, which is way below his usual standards. Some experts attribute his poor form to his inability to adapt to the pitch conditions and his over-aggressiveness at the start of the innings.

Riyan Parag

Riyan Parag, a middle-order batsman for the Rajasthan Royals, has had difficulty making an impact this season. With only 54 runs scored in five innings and a highest score of just 20 runs, his struggles may be due to the pressure of performing in a top team or his difficulty facing opposition spin bowlers.

Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik, a wicketkeeper-batsman for the Royal Challengers Bangalore, has had a tough time with the bat this season. With only 61 runs scored in seven matches and a best score of just 28, his struggles could be due to his age or lack of match practice.

Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer, a premium fast bowler for the Mumbai Indians, has struggled to pick up wickets this season. With only one wicket taken in the one match he’s played and an economy rate of 9.38, his poor form could be due to his recovery from an injury or lack of match practice.

Mitchell Marsh

Mitchell Marsh, an all-rounder for the Delhi Capitals, has needed help contributing with both bat and ball this season. With only 31 runs scored in five matches and three wickets taken, his poor form could be due to the pressure of performing in a top team or lack of match practice.

Result of their underperformance on their teams

The inadequate performance of specific players has negatively affected their teams. The Delhi Capitals have been struggling without a dependable all-rounder in Marsh’s absence, while the Mumbai Indians have been missing Archer’s speed and ability to take wickets.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore have been facing problems in finding a uniform batsmen who bat in positions 5 to 7 in Karthik, and the Rajasthan Royals need a dependable middle-order batsman in Parag. Shaw’s poor form has been a significant setback for the Delhi Capitals, as he was expected to be their batting leader in Rishabh Pant’s absence.


The IPL 2023 season has seen some outstanding performances and significant disappointments. The players discussed in this article have struggled to deliver, and their poor form has negatively harmed their respective teams. It remains to be seen if they can improve their form and contribute to their team’s success for the rest of the season.

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