What is Handicap Betting in Cricket – Explained

A handicap betting is a kind of betting in which one team is offered an advantage or disadvantage before the game. This is done to level the playing field and offer more unbiased betting choices. 

Handicap betting comes in handy in cricket betting to add interest to one-sided matches by either providing the underdog team an advantage over the stronger team or the stronger team a head start.

Handicap Cricket Betting: How it Works?

In simple words, Handicap Cricket Betting describes an event in which a single betting market option for an event is assigned a “handicap” that it must beat to win. It’s thought to be a strategy used by betting firms to level the playing field and draw in more players. For instance, to easily balance out the outcome, a theoretical deficit is put on the match’s final score.

By adding or subtracting points or goals, bookies in handicap betting take away a team’s or player’s advantage over another. Bookies want to tighten the competition as a result.

Explaining makes things so simple. Imagine yourself as a strong competitor who easily defeats rivals in a competition. But eventually, you start to lose games against weaker rivals.

It can be a difficult and annoying scenario. You may make up for this by asking someone to handicap your rivals by giving them some runs at the start of the game or allowing them to play with wooden bats.

Now, for instance, take the Punjab Kings vs. Chennai Superkings Indian Premier League match. The overwhelming favourites, Chennai SuperKings, have betting odds of 1.33 at 1xBet, while the underdogs, Punjab Kings, have odds of 10.6. The chances for a draw are 5.89.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, unless there is only time for one inning per side, handicaps do not apply once both sides have batted or bowled at least once in the game.

Like any other bet, the handicap betting market works in the same way. You must use your selected stake to support the winner at non-stop casinos. However, there are a few more elements that make it trickier than a typical bet. 

Handicap Cricket Betting

Cricket handicap betting is distinct from other sports. In other sports, a team usually wins a game in one way or another. In football, for instance, the team that scores the most goals is the winner. But depending on which team bats or bowls first, there are two ways to win in cricket: either by runs scored or by wickets remaining in the game.  

Thus, before a cricket match, the data scientists and analysts will have looked at the game’s probabilities and chosen a batting or bowling handicap to essentially lower the final score or number of wickets predicted for the dominant side. This will make the match more equal and, as a result, offer more enticing betting odds. 

Depending on which team bats or bowls first, runs or wickets handicap will apply.

An example of a handicap would be as follows:

For the predicted stronger team – “-6.5 wickets / -40.5 runs” 


For the predicted weaker team – “+6.5 wickets / +40.5 runs”

If you decide to place this bet on the predicted dominant team, it indicates that you think the dominant side will win the game by more than 40.5 (or 41 runs) if they bat first or by 3.5 (or 3 wickets) if they bat second.

If you decide to place a wager on the predicted weaker team, it indicates that you think the latter will win the match if they bat second and add 40.5 (40 runs) to their total score, or you think the stronger team won’t win by less than 3.5 wickets (i.e., 3 wickets) if they bat second.

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Tips to know for Handicap Betting

There are a few things to think about when you are betting on cricket handicaps to get the best possible results. To make more money when betting, use the advice given below.

  • Keep an eye on the batting order. Teams with muscular batters at the top of the order are more likely to win by more than the handicap.
  • Think about the pitch conditions. A team’s chances of winning by a margin greater than the handicap increase if the pitch is favourable for batting.
  • Have patience. You can’t hope to win each handicap wager. With patience, using your intuition, and analyzing the data, you can begin to win more handicap bets than you lose.

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