What Happens When a Super Over Ends in a Tie in Cricket?

A Super Over is a tie-breaking technique used in limited-overs cricket matches. It is also known as a one-over eliminator or, officially, a one-over per side eliminator. In a Super Overs, both teams play a single extra over of six balls to determine the match winner. 

An official “tie” happens when a match ends in a Super Over, with the winning team having the highest run total. A second Super Overs takes place if the first one ends in a tie as well. 

Super Over & its significance in Cricket

The West Indies and New Zealand Twenty20 international match ended in a stalemate on December 26, 2008, marking the debut of the Super Over. Chris Gayle, Xavier Marshall, and Shivnarine Chanderpaul were the names in the West Indies batting lineup for the match. The bowler that New Zealand had nominated was Daniel Vettori, a left-arm spinner. West Indies managed to win the game by 10 runs.

Here are some quick stats on Super Over in international cricket.

  • Regardless of the number of wickets lost, a team can win the Super Over and the match if it scores more runs than the opposition in the six-ball over.
  • During each Super Over, each team has two wickets to play with. The overs are complete once the second wicket falls.
  • The players’ lifetime stats do not contain the statistics associated with a Super Over.
  • The captain of the team (or his nominee) in the interim. The team fielding second may choose another bowl from the same box or use the same bowl.
  • The fielding team will also get to choose which end it will bowl its one over from. 
  • The Super Over will have a five-minute break between each of the two overs.

Following a contest that required two Super Overs to conclude, the third Twenty20 international between Afghanistan and India in 2023 drove the fans into a frenzy. The Indian Premier League (IPL) match between the Mumbai Indians and the Punjab Kings in 2020 marked the first time a match proceeded to the second Super Over.

Lawmakers were forced to amend the rules after New Zealand’s devastating loss to England in the ICC World Cup 2019 final due to a boundary count, following a deadlock in the Super Over. 

What if the Super Over ends in a tie match?

The ICC regulations provide that in the event of a tie in the Super Over, more Super Overs will take place until you get a winner. The side that was second in the previous Super Over will be the one to bat first in the next one.

A batsman who gets out in the first Super Over will not be able to bat again, and bowlers can’t bowl consecutive overs for their respective teams.

A batter cannot bat again in the following Super Over if they are out or retired out of the game during the first Super Over. But if the batter gets an injury and has to retire, he can bat again in the next Super Over.

The match ends in a tie if, for any reason, the team doesn’t complete the full quota of overs. The team that strike the most boundaries was the winner of Super Overs which ended in a draw. After much criticism following the England vs. New Zealand 2019 Cricket World Cup final, this rule was changed.

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What Is A Double Super Over? What If It Ends in a Tie Too?

If the first Super Over ends in a tie, as it did during a Twenty20 International between Afghanistan and India in February 2024, there is a second one. A third Super over will take place and so on until you get a winner if the second Super over also ends in a tie. 

The fundamental rule of six balls and two wickets remains the same for the unknown, regardless of the number of Super Overs played in a match. There hasn’t been a Triple Super Over in history. The same bowler can’t bowl the second super over.

The side who batted first during the match must bat second in the Super Over. This also holds for the second Super Over. To facilitate play for all, in 1) match-Super Over and 2) Super Over-Super Over, neither side can bat consecutively or chase. 

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