What Are The Reasons For So Many 200+ Scores In IPL 2024?

The IPL 2024 is full of records being made and breaking after a few games. In just a halfway stage of the tournament, we have already seen so many records being made. And those records are not in favor of the bowlers. It’s the batters who are having a good time this season. So many 200+ totals have been scored already in the IPL 2024. Today, we will talk about the possible reasons for so many 200+ scores in Indian Premier League IPL 2024. So let’s dive into it quickly.

Reasons for so many 200+ scored in IPL 2024

1. Flat pitches helping the batters

Nowadays, we can see so many flat pitches in white ball cricket, particularly in T20 cricket. People love to see the batters scoring fours and sixes for fun. It also helps the broadcasters to get more and more sponsors for the tournament.

Considering those things in mind, the curators prepare the pitches that will help the batters score freely. The venues like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata Knight Riders, etc have good batting wickets which helps the batters to play their shots.

Some venues like Hyderabad, Lucknow, Delhi, and Chennai used to be renowned for their slowness of the pitches. Batters find it hard to score runs in these venues as compared to the other venues. But this year, we have seen the pitches in Hyderabad are prepared differently in favor of batters. We have also seen runs scoring a bit easier in Delhi (even in the recently concluded ICC WC 2023).

Also, CSK relies on slow pitches at their home. It’s their strength, but last year, we have seen a pitch behaving differently as compared to the usual nature. Only Lucknow can be seen as a venue where batters might struggle to score freely now.

So the flat pitches played a huge role in having so many 200+ totals in IPL 2024.

2. Small boundaries left nothing for the bowlers

Another reason is having small boundaries on so many grounds. For the same reason, fans loved watching batters dominating the proceedings. Sometimes, a missed hit from the batters also went for a six.

3. Impact player rule

Since last year, the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) has decided to be an impact player in a game for both teams. According to this rule, a team can change any one player and bring another player to the playing XI. Because of that, the teams nowadays have 8+ proper batting options in the game. So a long batting lineup frees the top-order batters to go hard at the opposition bowlers. This rule has played a huge role in IPL 2023 and now in IPL 2024.

4. The mindset of the players nowadays

T20 cricket keeps changing as the years pass. Ever since T20 cricket was in existence, it has changed quite a lot. The mindset of the batters keeps evolving day by day. They start to go hard right from the word go and don’t fear getting out.

That intent from the batters right from ball one played a huge role in current scenarios. One of the main reasons for so many 200+ scores in IPL 2024.

5. Good quality bats

We all are now aware of this fact. The equipment of cricket nowadays is better than they used to be. The batters used different kinds of bats which helped them to clear the rope quite easily. We have seen a few batters playing with a big edge in the bat and the quality of the blades keeps getting better.

Although the ICC puts restrictions on using bats, those bats still play a huge role in batters’ success.  

6. A penalty to the bowling team to field just 4 fielders if not complete the overs on time

There is a penalty rule in IPL (Indian Premier League) nowadays that if the bowling team doesn’t complete their overs in the stipulated time, they have to field only 4 fielders (rather than 5 fielders) outside the 30-yard circle in the last over. It opens the opportunity for the batters to find those gaps in the death overs.

This rule is implemented after considering the history of the teams. The team takes more than the stipulated time to complete their overs. So in some way, it’s a good penalty for the bowling team. But it’s another thing that will help the batters in batting-dominated T20 cricket.

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You can feel sorry for the bowlers. Things are getting more and more in the favour of the batters. And bowlers are always at the receiving end. A South African wrist spinner, Tabraiz Shamsi also questions those small boundaries and flat pitches. Legendary Indian cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar also talked in favor of the bowlers on-air a few days ago.

But this is how it is. This is T20 cricket. Let’s see if some things happen for the bowlers as well in the future.

What do you think about this one? Comment your opinion below. Thank you for reading the article. We hope you find it informative. Keep following us for the latest updates.


(1) How many 200+ totals have been scored till now in IPL 2024?

In 38 games of the IPL 2024 till now, 17 200+ totals have been scored.

(2) Which team has scored the most 200+ totals in IPL 2024 so far?

Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are the two teams that have scored the most 200+ scores so far. Both have reached 200+ four times this season till now.

(3) Which team has scored the most 250+ scores in IPL history?

SRH has 3 250+ scores, which is the most in IPL history. All three scored came in this season.

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