What are the markets available for Kabaddi Betting?

Kabaddi Betting Markets List

Kabaddi has a few betting markets in particular for the game. There is the main betting mode where you deposit some money as a bet for a team winning or losing. Further, there are these markets available for the game:

Outright winner

This is a big betting mode in particular for the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Notably, for this mode a person bets on a team winning the final of the PKL! So, in order to be a success one has to look at all the teams in the league.

Top Raider

This is a betting mode where you bet on a raider that you think will score the most points. Further, the bet is done for each match, and players from both teams are open to betting. Also, the top raiders of the Pro Kabaddi League will get lower odds. This is because they are most likely to score well. Hence, if you place a bet on a good raider you will win most likely. However, the returns will be low.

Top Tackles

A defending team scores points by tackling the player who is on a raid. Since there are players who are very good at tackling in a defense team, you can bet on them. However, again the best tackle players will give winning bets but low returns.

Team to Score 15 Points in 1st Half

Pro Kabaddi League is the main market for this betting mode. This is because PKL is more about scoring points unlike the normal game of Kabaddi. It is a simple yes/no bet. You have to bet on if a team will score 15 points in the first half or not. You have to be very good at understanding the pros and cons of a team if you want to bet in this mode.

Other markets

There are further a few more markets for kabaddi betting. Besides, the options available to you depend on the site you are using. Here is a list of some other markets for kabaddi betting.

  1. Double Chance
  2. Total Over/Under
  3. Asian Total
  4. Super Total
  5. Handicap
  6. Asian Handicap
  7. Team Result + Total
  8. Even/Odd

Pro Kabaddi League Rules

PKL rules

Pro Kabaddi League has all the rules that kabaddi has. However, the PKL has added a few things to make the game more action-paced. In other words, for the PKL the rules of Kabaddi still apply. But, there are a few additions to those existing rules.

These new additions are:

  1. Do or die raids

This raid occurs If a raider has failed to score in two back-to-back raids. In the do or die raid the raider has to score at all costs. Else, if he fails to score again he gets out.

  1. Super tackle

This happens when a defending team has three or less than three players. For each tackle, such a team gets two points instead of one.

General rules

Further, there are a few general rules about the game one should know before betting in the league. 

  1. Every match is 45 minutes long and further has a break of 5 minutes in between.
  2. Each team will have 12 players, and no more than 7 take the field at a time.
  3. There is a coin toss at the start of the match. The winner decides whether to take the first raid or not.
  4. A raider from the attacking team runs towards the opposite team’s side. The raider further tags as many players as possible to earn points. The raider then crosses the half-line to come back into his team’s area without being tackled.
  5. Throughout the raid, the raider must chant “kabaddi,” continuously. This  is done to make sure that their raid is done in a single breath.
  6. Each raid lasts for a maximum period of 30 seconds.
  7. The defending team must ensure they don’t get tagged by the raider. Further, if they ensure that the raider fails to reach their half, the defending team earns a point.
  8. The defending and attacking teams change roles post the 5-minute break after half-time.
  9. The team with the most points wins after the time up.

Review of Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Here are a few very popular betting sites in India for Pro Kabaddi:


JeetWin is said to be the best betting site in India. Indeed that is true. Jeetwin is an online casino that was designed in particular for Indians. In fact, only people living in India can use the site for betting online! Consequently, it is often said to be India’s number one online betting site.

JeetWin is the only Indian casino that offers a no deposit bonus of INR 100 on sign-up! However, you have to win a minimum of INR 20,000 from this bonus before you can earn any money.


This is also a very popular option in India. Notably BetJungle a group of people who earlier worked for JungleRaja own BetJungle. Thus, online betting is a good and trusted site to be used. Since it is from India it has Pro Kabaddi betting as well.


India loves Cricket. Indeed this is no secret. Crickex is a platform popular for online betting of cricket Since cricket fans use it a lot of kabaddi fans also tend to use it because of its reputation. 

Crickex is a good site for betting online. For instance, it has a very easy-to-use site design and accepts a variety of options for payment. You can use the site on a mobile phone. further, it has live betting options. However, it is limited to India and Bangladesh and has no call support for its users.


First take a look at the rules of Kabaddi, the game as well as the rules of the Pro Kabaddi League. Further, try understanding the ways in which a team, as well as a player, can score points. Have a clear knowledge of terms like Total match Points, Team match points, Raid points, Tackle Point, Super Raid, Super Tackle, Total Raids, TouchPoints, Bonus Points, Total Player Points, etc. 

Next, keep up with a match you want to bet on. Take a look at the statistics of the metric that you want to bet on. Also check the head-to-head records of the teams and key players of each team – raiders, and defenders before the match. 

However, gut feeling is a very important point to be kept in mind for betting in Pro Kabaddi. If your gut tells you to bet on a player who is doing well go for it. Don’t look for the stats! 

Lastly, Pro kabaddi betting is very spontaneous. Hence, like the layers, you should be able to always think on your feet before making a decision on placing a bet.


Is online Kabaddi betting legal in India?

Yes, it is legal. There are no laws that say online betting is not legal in India. Consequently, you can place betting on Pro Kabaddi online in India. However, states can frame their own laws to restrict things like betting and gambling in their region.

Why is JeetWin said to be the best betting site in India?

There are a lot of reasons behind the site’s success. For instance, only people who live in India can use the site. It accepts money in INR. there is a presence of Bollywood stars on the site. Further, it has an easy-to-use site design and lots of options. 

What is prop betting?

This type of bet occurs during a match. For instance, you can do betting on whether an ongoing raid will be successful for the team or not. You need to be good at understanding team forms and changes in momentum in order to win prop bets.

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