What Are The Biggest Controversies In IPL History?

The Indian Premier League, also known as IPL, has become the sixth most-watched sports league since its 2008 debut. It’s the only sport the lucrative cricket league directly streams on its YouTube channel. 

Not only do contentious times accompany popularity. Similar conflicts frequently occur in the IPL. While some vanished swiftly, others were in the headlines for a while longer. 

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Indian Premier League (IPL) History

Since its launch in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has grown to become one of the most popular and successful T20 cricket leagues globally. Since the T20 cricket league’s founding more than ten years ago, it has grown hugely. 

It started as an experimental cricket format. But has since grown to become one of the world’s biggest sporting events, drawing millions of viewers and huge sponsorships. 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most-watched cricket league globally. In terms of average attendance, it came in sixth place among all sports leagues in 2014. The Indian Premier League was the first sports event to stream live on YouTube in 2010. 

In 2022, the league’s brand value was at ₹90,038 crore, or US$11 billion. The Indian economy got ₹1,150 crore (US$140 million) in GDP from the 2015 IPL season, as told by the BCCI.

As per a report by the firm D and P Advisory. The IPL stands at US$10.9 billion in December 2022. It shows a 75% increase in financial terms. With 32 million people, its 2023 final was the most-watched live event on the internet.

The IPL has some of the biggest controversies in IPL history, but today we’ll focus on the five major ones that have drawn huge attention from around the globe for BCCI.

1. Harbhajan Singh slaps S Sreesanth

Some of the biggest controversies in IPL history began with the 2008 Indian Premier League’s inaugural season. The Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab played in the 10th game of the season, with KXIP winning by 66 runs. Punjab bowler S Sreesanth went to MI captain Harbhajan Singh after winning the game, chirping and rejoicing along the way.

His gesture made Harbhajan Singh angry, who was taken aback by his team’s defeat and he in turn slaps the fast bowler. Following the event, Sreesanth began to cry. Bhajji, however, apologized for his acts. He also copped a season-long suspension.

2. Shahrukh Khan vs the Wankhede security

Considered Bollywood’s “Badshah,” Sharukh assumed the character of “Bad Shah” during an IPL match in 2012. The couple owns the KKR team.

According to the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA), Sharukh made noises when he entered the stadium while inebriated. In addition, he had harassed the guards, mainly Vikas Dalvi, who had warned Sharukh against entering the changing rooms for the players. 

Sharukh decided to join the gang alongside his loved ones to show his strength. As a result, there was a great deal of noise and people were stopping Sharukh from striking Dalvi.

Sharukh said that Dalvi had ill-spoken in Marathi and that he had come to the stadium to pick up his children out of self-defence. The MCA forbade Sharukh from using its land for the next five years, till 2017. In 2015, the ban was lifted as a result of lobbying from the KKR team’s owner and political circles.

3. 2013 Spot-Fixing Scandal 

One of the biggest controversies in IPL history to affect IPL was this one. Delhi Police detained three Rajasthan Royals players, including former India bowler S. Sreesanth, for alleged spot-fixing in the 2013 campaign. 

It says that the players had accepted payment from bookies in exchange for giving up a set amount of runs in a given over. The three players were suspended as a result of the incident. The team was also barred from the IPL for two years.

4. CSK and RR Suspension

Due to their owners’ involvement in the 2013 spot-fixing scam. The Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned from the Indian Premier League for two seasons in 2015. 

Both teams got a two-year ban from the Lodha Committee. Gurunath Meiyappan, the owner of Chennai, and Raj Kundra, the co-owner of Rajasthan. They were given lifelong bans from all cricket-related activities by the committee. 

The IPL got a lot of flak for this controversy of match-fixing. But the BCCI has handled it with maturity since then.

5. The Lalit Modi controversy

Another one of the biggest controversies in IPL history was supposedly the brainchild of Lalit Modi, who went on to gain popularity as a result. However, he quit his role as IPL chairman in 2010 as a result of accusations of financial mismanagement and corruption.

Because he used to give all of the contracts and tenders to his friends and family, the BCCI banned him for life in 2013.

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