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Weekly 777,777 Sevenfold Bonus (World Cup Special Offer) – Turn Your Cricket Predictions into Cash!

Cricket lovers, get ready to turn your passion for the game into a chance to win big with the Weekly 777,777 Sevenfold Bonus, a World Cup special offer brought to you by MostPlay bet. Also, in the spirit of the Cricket World Cup 2023, this promotion offers you the opportunity to win cash prizes amounting to a whopping 777,777 every week! Thus, let’s dive into the details of how you can participate and maximize your chances of winning.

How to Be Eligible

Participating in the Weekly 777,777 Sevenfold Bonus is easy. Thus, let’s go through the eligibility requirements for this World Cup special offer:

1. Register an Account with MostPlay App:

To enjoy this incredible offer you must have an account with MostPlay App. However, if you don’t already have an account, start by signing up with MostPlay Bet. Thus, it’s your gateway to this exciting contest.

2. Make the Highest Deposit and Turnover During Cricket World Cup 2023:

Moreover, to qualify, you need to make both the highest deposit and achieve the highest turnover during the Cricket World Cup 2023.

3. Bets Placed Only on Sports Platforms:

It’s quite important to note that bets placed only on sports platforms will be considered eligible for this contest.

Event Details

Here are the key requirements and details of this World Cup special offer:

1. First of all, let’s talk about dates. The event is going to start on 5th October 2023. Also, you can enjoy it till 19th November 2023.

2. Moreover, the platform that is eligible for this offer is Sports.

3. Also, with 1000 deposits you get 2 points. Moreover, with a turnover of 10,000, players get 4 points.

How It Works

Now, let’s break down how this promotion works. And also understand how the winners will be determined:

1. Deposits & Turnovers During the World Cup:

Throughout the Cricket World Cup 2023, make sure you place bets on sports and also aim to achieve the highest deposits and turnovers.

2. Weekly Winners:

Moreover, every week, the players with the top deposit and turnover will be selected as winners in this World Cup special offer.

3.  117 Winners Every Week:

A total of 117 players with the highest points will be chosen as winners each week. Moreover, you will get to see the results every Monday.

4. Rank-Based Bonus:

Winners will receive a bonus based on their ranking. Thus, the higher you rank, the bigger your bonus.

5. Repeat Wins:

If you consistently rank at the top each week, you can keep winning. Thus, you can win multiple times as well.

6. Leaderboard Announcement:

Winners will be announced on a leaderboard. Therefore, you can keep track of your progress.

7. Bonus Distribution:

Your bonus will be credited within 24 hours every Monday. Also, it will be done after the results are published on the leaderboard.

Bonus Details

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus amounts and the total bonus available during the Cricket World Cup 2023:

Bonus details for each Week:

  • Allocated Bonus Per Week: 777,777
  • Total Winners Per Week: 117

Bonus details as per the whole World Cup 2023:

  •  Total Bonus: 5,444,439
  • Total Winners: 819

Terms & Conditions

To ensure fair play and smooth operation of the World Cup special offer, please be aware of the following terms as well as conditions:

1. Turnover Calculation:

Bets placed from every Monday until midnight of the following Sunday will count toward turnover collection.

2. Open to All Players:

All MostPlay bet players can earn unlimited points. Moreover, with a deposit of 1,000, you can earn 2 points. Also, with a turnover of 10,000, you can earn 4 points.

3. Eligibility:

In addition, winners will be chosen randomly from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan based on the highest deposit and turnover.

4. Leaderboard Ranking:

The weekly leaderboard ranking is determined by the total points collected by each player. Thus, keep checking the leaderboard to find your ranking.

5. Final Decisions:

All decisions are final. Thus, no inquiries or appeals will be accepted.

6. One Account Per Player:

Only one account per player is allowed. In fact, this condition is a must for all the offers at MostPlay bet. Also, multiple accounts will lead to disqualification. Moreover, the funds in that account will freeze as well.

7. Promotion Modifications:

MostPlay bet reserves the right to modify, cancel, or void this promotion at its sole discretion.

8. Acceptance of Terms:

Also, the players who want to participate must accept the terms and conditions of this promotion.

9. MostPlay’s Terms & Conditions Apply:

Please familiarise yourself with MostPlay’s general terms and conditions, which apply to this promotion.


Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to turn your cricket predictions into cash prizes. Also, join MostPlay bet for the Weekly 777,777 Sevenfold Bonus during the Cricket World Cup 2023. Thus, may the best predictors win big!

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