Top 8 T20I Indian Cricketers With Highest Strike Rate

Indian cricketer with the highest strike rate (Batters)- The shortest format of the game cricket; T20 is getting more popular day by day. People love to see the carnage in this format and the fours and sixes hit by the batters. We can clearly say this format is a batters-dominated format.

The batter, on a given day, can take the game away from the opposition with one good inning. Whether it is a long inning or a short cameo.

The most important thing in T20 cricket for batters is their strike rate. Because there is less time to react in this format. And the batters need to play aggressively according to the situation, their strike rate has to be higher.

Today, we are talking about the 8 Indian cricketers who have the highest strike rate in T20 cricket.

NOTE: We have set a benchmark for this record for the players. The player has to play at least 15 innings to be able to feature in this list. Here are the 8 Indian cricketers who have the highest strike rate in T20 cricket.

Indian cricketer with the highest strike rate in T20s

1. Surya Kumar Yadav

Ever since he came into the international circuit, he becomes one of the best batters in T20 cricket. The way he plays his shots and the way he plays his inning is very mesmerizing to see.

SK Yadav becomes the number one T20 batter in the world by beating B Azam in the ICC T20 rankings of batters.

His strike rate in T20Is is 176.81 and he scored 1045 runs in the 32 innings he played till now. SK Yadav’s average is 38 with the highest score of 117 against England.

2. H Pandya

The second Indian cricketer in this list is H Pandya. He has been a revelation ever since he made a comeback to the team after the injury. His utility in the team is immense.

We all know what he can do with the bat and bowl. He has won games for Team India in the past as well. But now he is doing it on a consistent basis.

H Pandya scored 989 runs in T20Is with a strike rate of 148.49 and an average of 25.35.

3. D Karthik

After an IPL 2022, h has made a strong comeback in the Indian T20 team. He is playing a difficult role of a finisher in the team and has been doing well.

D Karthik’s career is a roller coaster ride as he made his T20I debut in 2006. Since then, he has been in and out of the team. But he never left his expectation of playing for India again. And now here he is.

The third Indian cricketer in the list, D Karthik’s strike rate is 148 and he has scored 672 runs in 44 innings he played.

4. V Sehwag

The fourth Indian cricketer in the list is the aggressive V Sehwag. He is known for his aggressive play despite any format. V Sehwag’s only way of tackling is to play hard.

He has played 18 innings in T20Is and scored 394 runs with a strike rate of 145.38.

5. R Sharma

The fifth Indian cricketer in this list is current Indian captain R Sharma. R Sharma is a match winner for Team India in T20Is and he paces his inning very well.

He played 134 innings in T20Is till now and scored 3737 runs with an average of 32 and a strike rate of 140.59.

6. KL Rahul

The prolific batter and technically sound batsman KL Rahul is the sixth Indian cricketer in this list. His cricketing shots even in this format make him very pleasing to see. He is one of the Indian cricketers who has more than one century in this format.

KL Rahul has played 62 innings and scored 2137 runs with an average of almost 40. His strike rate is 140.40.

7. V Kohli

The most consistent performer for Team India in this format over the years. V Kohli is the 7th Indian cricketer in this list. His way of playing T20 cricket is even more pleasing because he never plays unorthodox shots. He only plays proper cricketing shots and still manages to score big runs consistently in this format.

His chasing is always a cricketing world is a fan of. V Kohli has played 101 innings in 109 matches he played till now. He has scored 3712 runs with an average of 50.84. He is one of those few batters who have a 50+ average in T20s. His strike rate is 138.09 in this format. Maintaining this average with this strike rate is very hard. That is why he is one of the best batsmen in the world right now.

V Kohli coming back in form is a very good sign for Team India.

8. Yuvraj Singh

The last Indian cricketer in this list is Y Singh. His impact in Indian cricket is very huge. Especially in limited overs cricket.

Y Singh’s contribution to winning India two ICC World Cups is also very huge. At one stage, he was the backbone of India’s middle order.

Unfortunately, due to cancer, he missed his cricket at his peak. Y Singh has played 51 innings and scored 1177 runs in this format with an average of 28.02. His strike rate is 136.06 and the highest score of 77 not out.

So these are the top 8 Indian cricketers who have the highest strike rate in T20Is. I hope you like this article. Comment your favorite player below.

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