Top 10 Cricket Controversies In World Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports all around the world and as many as 104 countries play cricket all around the world. Although only a few countries are full members of the ICC (International Cricket Council), cricket as a sport has roots all around the globe. Ever since cricket started, we have witnessed so many cricket controversies, good moments, strange moments, and much more. Today, we will see the top 10 cricket controversies in world cricket. So let’s dive into it quickly.

There have been so many cricket controversies in so many years. But we have picked some in this article. Please note that we are picking cricket controversies all around the world, whether it is in international cricket, league cricket/ franchise cricket, domestic cricket, etc.

Top 10 cricket controversies in world cricket

1. Muralitharan’s action becomes a controversial part of his cricket career

Sri Lankan cricket has produced so many good spinners over the years. But over the years, some of the spinners’ bowling action has been found illegal in world cricket. One of the legendary Sri Lankan spinners, M Muralitharan’s action has also faced scrutiny over the years.

Muralitharan is the highest wicket-taker in world cricket with 800 international wickets. His ability to spin the ball is immense. And the batters find it hard to tackle him over the years.

But over the years, in his career, he has faced many controversies regarding his bowling action. The umpires have called and warned Murali during the live match for his bowling action. At one stage, he has to pass the test to continue bowling in professional cricket.

2. Adam Gilchrist using squash balls while batting

In cricket, there are certain rules which say you can’t use an outside object to better the performance. In the ICC World Cup 2007, Australian wicketkeeper batter, Adam Gilchrist used squash balls in his gloves to grip the bat for his comfort. He smashed 149 runs off 104 balls with 13 fours and 8 sixes. This is one of the cricket controversies in world cricket.

 Gilchrist, in an interview with the ICC that he did that after his coach advised him. He said his coach advised him to not hold the bat’s grip with the last two fingers.

3. Pandya wasn’t happy with West Indies’ hospitality

One of these cricket controversies is not too long ago. Team India has toured West Indies to play the T20I series recently. And Hardik Pandya was the captain of the team. In a post-match talk, Pandya complained about the facilities in the West Indies. He said the team is not asking for luxurious facilities, but basic facilities must be given.

After India lost the first two T20Is, the fans’ emotions got higher and they started mocking Pandya for concentrating on winning games rather than having facilities.

West Indies cricket board is not as big as the other cricket boards in the world. And we have seen that their cricket is going down over the years.

4. Kieron Pollard put the tape on his mouth

This controversy is from the IPL. In a game between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2015, Pollard put tape on his mouth sarcastically after the umpires told him to shut. Pollard exchanged of words with the opposition forcing umpires to tell him to shut down.

5. New Zealand cancels Pakistan’s tour in 2021

Pakistan cricket has tried a few things to get back cricket at home. There was a time when New Zealand came to Pakistan to play a full-fledged series. But just before the start of the first ODI, they canceled the tour and went back home due to security reasons.

Pakistan fans didn’t find it good and when Pakistan played New Zealand in the future, their fans booed them reminding them the security reasons.

6. Sandpaper Gate

This is one of the cricket controversies in world cricket. In 2018, Australia tried to temper the ball in a test match against South Africa. After that, the Australian Cricket Board banned S Smith, D Warner, and, C Bancroft as a punishment.

7. Monkey Gate saga

On an Australian tour, the Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh called A Symonds ‘monkey’ during the series. This thing took fire and a new controversy was made.

8. Steve Smith’s brain-fade moment

In the 2017 India tour, during the game, Steve Smith was trying to get some help from the dressing room regarding whether to take a review or not. It is not allowed as the players on the field only can make a decision on this one.

9. Terror Attack on Sri Lankan team bus

The Sri Lankan team toured Pakistan to play a bilateral series. But on that tour, the SL cricket team was terror attacked and the tour got canceled. After that, for so many years, no country has played cricket with Pakistan in Pakistan.

10. Steve Buckner’s wrong decision against Sachin Tendulkar

Buckner has always been one of the controversial umpires in world cricket. And when he made a wrong decision against Sachin Tendulkar, it made one of the biggest cricket controversies in world cricket.

So these are a few cricket controversies. Thank you for reading. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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