Tips to prevent online gambling scams

Online Gambling has seen massive popularity in the past few years. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, online gambling companies have seen immense growth across India. Some people join it to earn extra money, while some others join it to spend their pastime.

As per the Public Gaming Act 1867, all forms of gambling are illegal in India. But there is a high demand for Online Gambling companies in the country. Due to this growing demand, many online gambling companies have made their way into the market.

But with time, as certain things become more popular, they also attract unnecessary attention. Online gambling has also come to the attention of online scammers. Not only do they create fake websites to scam the users. But they also offer high wagers before you withdraw your winnings.

So in this article, we will discuss the kinds of scams that happen during Online Gambling. We will also discuss a few tips on how you can prevent those scams from happening.

Online Gambling Frauds: A Review

Online Gambling frauds can happen to anyone. Even the most well-informed people would have fallen prey to it. The scammers can manipulate the odds by asking you to deposit your money. They could promote flashy ads, impractical bonuses, and other lucrative offers that are impractical.

The rules around gambling are built to make the game fair to everyone. But the scammers always bend the rules as per their convenience. There are many scenarios where scammers look to twist the rules for their benefit. So, you must act responsibly and be aware. 

It is where the concept of responsible gambling comes into play. Always do your research before investing your money. In the beginning, these fraudsters might keep low odds so that you win big. Now that they have your trust, they would start increasing the odds and wagering amounts and you would start losing money.

Some of the awareness tips that you must follow for safe and responsible gambling include:

Always look for Reliable Platforms

There are plenty of Online Gambling websites available on the Internet. You must always look for websites that have good endorsements. The endorsements could be in the form of reviews or blogs about those websites. 

Genuine websites would always encourage you to register for KYC. They will also encourage you to maintain a strong password and two-factor authentication. The reliable websites always use identity verification services and fraud prevention software.

Choose Platforms with Genuine Licenses

Some Online Gambling platforms do not have operating licenses. It is where you need to draw the line. The genuine Online Gambling platforms have licenses from the Curacao Gaming Commission. You must always look at their certificates before registering with them.

You can check their licenses by visiting the “About me” section of the websites. Once you see it, you can save the certificates for future reference. If they do not display their certificates, you must not register with them.

Research about their Customer Services

The world of Online Gambling is service-driven. When it comes to finances, you need someone who can help you while facing a difficult situation. But, some companies do not invest much in their customer services.

There might be times when you would not be able to withdraw your winnings. Or, there could be times when you do not understand some of their features. It is where you need someone who can guide you. So always research the customer services before registering.

Do not Download Unknown Software

While visiting online gambling websites, different ads may pop up on your screen. Those ads could be lucrative and may attract your attention. They offer big bonuses and discounts that are practically impossible.

These ads could even be malware or a virus. If you want to download software, then download it from the official Play Store. Always look for reviews and read the blogs about those platforms. You can also call their customer support to get brief details about their features. 

Secure your Banking Details

Different betting sites offer many payment methods. You must make sure that all the payment methods are secure. There have been many instances where identity theft has taken place. Also, there have been instances where the entire deposits have been wiped out.

You must also behave as a responsible gambler. Make sure that you do not overspend. Keep a separate bank account and decide your budget. Make sure that you do not cross the budget limit. Always keep your salary account separate from your betting account.


To sum it up, we can conclude that Online Gambling has its pros and cons. The pros are that it can be a good pastime and could help you earn extra money. The cons are that excess gambling might lead you to bankruptcy. It may be because of excess deposits or online scammers who steal your money.

Always research well before you start betting. Make sure to check all the points discussed above before approaching an online gambling website. Background check is the most important aspect while betting online. Hasty decisions should be avoided at all costs.

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