Tips/Strategy On T20 Cricket Betting for IPL

You need a watertight cricket betting strategy to make consistent profits when betting on cricket. A few IPL/T20 cricket betting strategies are also discussed in this guide, along with some of the most effective cricket betting strategies.

Why Is a Good T20 Cricket Betting Strategy Useful?

Besides being a beautiful sport, cricket has become increasingly popular because it offers punters a diverse range of betting options. Among the best cricket betting sites are those that offer competitive odds across multiple markets (such as Match Winners, Outright Winners), player bets (Top Batsman, Bowler of the Team), team bets (Win the Toss, Over/Under [x] Number of Runs, First Innings Score), and in-play bets (Method of Dismissal, Runs to be Made From the First Delivery).

The best T20 cricket betting strategy doesn’t matter whether it’s a single bet, a double bet, or an acca – it ensures (or lays the foundation for) winnings.

To increase your chances of making a profit from your cricket stakes, we will explore seven such strategies.

T20/IPL Cricket Betting Strategy

As the shortest format of the sport, Twenty20 (T20) cricket offers you considerably better odds than ODIs and Test matches and is the most exciting to wager on.

As games come thick and fast, it can be difficult to pinpoint a particular line of attack due to the hundreds of markets (both in-play and pre-match). To help you, we have compiled a brief list of IPL betting strategies that can also apply to any T20 match around the world.

1. Take on Over/Under Markets

Predicting how many runs the batting team will score is one of the most popular bets in T20 cricket. Several forms of these markets exist, but the most common is the ‘Over/Under Runs’ market for the first six overs and innings.

A batting team can only station two fielders outside the 30-yard circle during the first six overs of a powerplay. Therefore, they try to take advantage of this. When that happens, it’s good to back them to score more than predicted. In the event of a powerplay, fielders tend to back off and batters tend to be more cautious, which leads to a dearth of runs. It’s wise to place a bet on the batting team to score under the bookie’s run line when that happens (and if they have lost a wicket or two).

2. Use Team Composition To Your Advantage

A huge part of the IPL betting strategy, as well as the T20 cricket betting strategy in general, is analyzing the mini head-to-head rivalries between the two teams. Generally, batsmen find it hard to play a bowler whose ball spins away from them. Off-spin is more effective for right-handed batters than leg spin is for left-handed batters.

In order to place a bet based on these minuscule discrepancies, it is necessary to analyze both teams. Check out a match between a right-handed batsman and a leg spinner, or try to find a batsman who can easily clear any stadium.

3. Watch Out for Early Wickets

One more important strategy for betting on the IPL. It is important not to lose early wickets in T20 cricket if you want to score a big total. It is an absolute helter-skelter situation when a couple of wickets fall within the powerplay overs. When the batsmen have steadied the ship and the odds have gone down again, live betting will make sense to back the batting side and then cash out after a few overs.

4. Mind the Gaps in Play

A match contains two strategic time-outs. It will from between the sixth and ninth over by the bowling team. And, between the 13th and 16th over by the batting team.

There are two-and-a-half-minute strategic time-outs, which are quite tricky, especially for the batting team. It is quite common for batters to lose concentration after resuming play and do something silly, resulting in a wicket that could not be more inconvenient.

You can, however, get ready to capitalize on the advantage by using live betting sites and apps with this IPL betting strategy.

5. Know the Venue

We strongly recommend that you don’t ignore this oft-overlooked T20 cricket betting strategy.

There is a difference between all venues in terms of construction. Batsmen have a harder time hitting those massive sixes in large stadiums. But, based on the size of the straight and square boundaries.

Delhi’s Feroz Shah Kotla, for example, has a straight boundary of 60 meters and a square boundary of 56 meters, making it the smallest cricket ground in terms of playing area. The wicket will be more likely to be run both squarely and straightly.

Likewise, you should consider how the team batting second has done at the ground. Whether the wicket is batting-friendly, or whether the pitch suits spin or pace. These data can be easily found and used thanks to some of India’s top cricket analysis websites.

Cricket Betting Advice Final Say

All cricket betting strategies have their own strengths and weaknesses, as you may have noticed. Depending on your goals, you may want to opt for one or the other. However, depending on whether you want to make instant profits or keep winning small amounts over time.

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you now have a better understanding of how to bet on cricket and win. The risks associated with some strategies are higher (but so are the rewards). So, while others have lower risks, but will not grant immediate rewards. However, if you do the legwork – find good odds, follow the sport, and understand betting markets. And, learn how to master a T20 cricket betting strategy, and you will surely increase your winnings.

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