Smriti Mandhana – Interesting Facts And Stats

Smriti Shriniwas Mandhana

With a left-hand batting style, Smriti Mandhana is the opening batter for Indian Women’s in Blue team. The exceptional batting record of this female cricketer helped her to be part of the Indian international cricket team since 2013. Moreover, her debut one-day international match was on 10th April 2013. It was against Bangladesh. During the match, Smriti Mandhana did score 25 runs off 35 balls. Which is not bad for a debut player. The overall performance of the team was good too as they were able to bring the total to 256 runs. In response, Bangladesh did score 46 short and lost.

After the debut match, Smriti Mandhana never looked back. Her performance as a cricketer was improving consistently. Let us look at the complete stats of her career to date. Those are as below.

Career Stats

In her whole international cricket career till now, Smriti Mandhana did play ample matches with exceptional innings. Let’s get into it as per all three formats, ODI, T20, and Test, individually.


Since her debut match, Smriti Mandhana did play 77 one-day international matches to date, both home and away. Among those 77 matches, there were 6 times when bowlers could not take her wicket. Moreover, her total score in 50 over international cricket format is 3073 runs with an average of 43.28. In addition, the strike rate is 83.91. Also, she has five centuries and 25 half centuries to her name. Additionally, her highest score in the ODI is 135 runs.


Smriti Mandhana’s debut in international test cricket was on 13 August 2014. Surprisingly, she played only 4 test matches in her whole career. Out of these four, in one match she did score a century with her maximum test career score of 127 runs. Besides, she has 2 half-centuries on her name too. In 7 innings her average and strike rate are 46042 and 52.58 respectively.


Her debut match in this short format cricket was on 5th April 2013, the same year as her ODI debut. In fact, the match was against Bangladesh too. Moreover, in that match, Smriti Mandhana did score the highest score of 39 runs off 36 balls including four 4s. And the Indian women’s team won that match.

Now coming back to her T20 career stats, she did play 112 T20 matches with 108 innings. Out of all those matches, she was not out 11 times. Moreover, her total score in all 112 matches is 2651 runs with an average of 27.32. However, the strike rate is an impressive 123.13. Though, there is no century in her name in T20 cricket definitely has 20 half-centuries.

Smriti Mandhana: Some interesting facts

With the unique record in cricket, there are so many interesting things that not every fan knows about Smriti Mandhana. Here are a few of those.

  • She is not the only cricketer in the family. In fact, her brother (Shravan Mandhana) and father (Shrinivas Mandhana), did play for Sangli’s district-level cricket team.
  • Being just 9 years old, she was playing for Maharashtra’s under-15 team. And just after 2 years, when she was 11, did manage to enter the under-19 team.
  • In domestic cricket, during the west zone under 19 cricket tournament, she did score massive 224 runs in just 150 balls. In fact, she is the first Indian woman cricketer to achieve this milestone.
  • And in T20 cricket, her fifty-plus score against countries like England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, makes her the first and only Indian women cricketer to do that.
  • In 2019, during a match against New Zealand in Wellington, Smriti Mandhana made a record for the fastest half-century in Indian women’s cricket off just 24 balls.
  • Moreover, the first Indian player to be part of England’s Kia Super League is Smriti Mandhana too. “Western Storm” did sign her up for that league.
  • Against South Africa, her score of 135 runs is the highest among all female cricketers to date.
  • 2018 was a great year for her. During that year ICC did give her the title of player of the year for ODI. As of 2018, her score was 669 runs with an average of 66.90 in 12 matches. Moreover, the strike rate was 91.02. In addition, during that marvelous year, one century and seven half centuries were registered to her name.


All in all, Smriti Mandhana is one of the top women cricketers in not just India but in the world too. Moreover, she is a winner of the Arjuna Award in the year 2019. And in 2018, ICC did give her the Rachel Heyhoe Flint award, stating her as the best female cricketer of that year.

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