Rohit Sharma Becomes Sixth Indian Batter To Score 17,000 International Runs

Captain Rohit Sharma Joins Sachin, Virat, and Dhoni with 17,000 Runs in International Cricket

Captain Rohit Sharma completed 17000 runs in international cricket. With this, Rohit Sharma has become the sixth Indian batter to reach the milestone. Thus, joining the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni. Therefore, the name in such a list is a proud thing itself.

This new batting record is proof of Sharma’s class as a batsman. Moreover, it definitely holds great significance for Indian cricket. In this article, we will discuss Rohit Sharma’s achievements in detail. In addition, it’s significant for Indian cricket. And the impact of this new record on his career.

Rohit Sharma – The Sixth Indian Batsman to Score 17,000 Runs in International Cricket

The incredible player, our Captain Rohit Sharma completed 17000 runs in international cricket in just 457 innings. His total average is 42.85. Which in fact, is faster than most other Indian batsmen. This tells about his ability to perform under pressure. Also, the pace at which he plays. Which is the need of today’s cricket. Else, you and your team might not be able to compete.

MS Dhoni’s total career score is 17092. And, Sharma is 78 runs short to cross him. There is a fair chance he might do that in the next inning. The Indian team is currently playing a test series against Australia. In fact, it is their fourth match. In which, the team has one more inning to play. Thus, we might see a new record of Rohit Sharma. He might surpass MS Dhoni in most international runs.

With this achievement, Sharma joins an elite club of Indian batsmen. Which includes Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni. This is a significant milestone for Sharma, and it highlights his contribution to Indian cricket. Joining the list as a Sixth Indian Batter is definitely a great thing for him. 

Captain Rohit Sharma – A Leader and a Prolific Batsman

Rohit Sharma is not only a great batsman but also a captain with skill. He has led the Mumbai Indians to five Indian Premier League (IPL) titles. And has been instrumental in the Indian cricket team’s success.

As a batsman, Sharma has an impressive record. He has more than 40 international centuries to his name. His batting style is unique. Cricket is the game of timing the shots. And, Rohit does it quite well. In fact, Virat Kohli did praise Rohit’s technique in one of his interviews. Even a lot of cricket experts do not deny it.

Sharma’s calm approach to leadership and batting has earned him the respect of cricket fans worldwide. Moreover, a lot of people do admire him for the same. In fact, he even did a few tricks with the bowl too. In his international career, he did get 11 wickets in total. But of course, a hitter is a hitter.

Indian Cricket’s Legacy of Great Batsmen

India has produced some of the world’s greatest batsmen in the history of cricket. Those are from Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid to Sourav Ganguly, and many more. Likewise, the current generation has Captain Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, and Virat Kohli. They are carrying this legacy quite well.

Sharma’s recent achievement of scoring 17,000 runs in international cricket shows the talent and skill that Indian cricket continues to produce. This legacy of great batsmen has made Indian cricket one of the most respected teams in the world.

Rohit Sharma’s Impact on Indian Cricket

Captain Rohit Sharma’s impact on Indian cricket has been important. As a batsman, he has been a wpic performer for the Indian team. Moreover, his ability to score big runs in pressure situations has been invaluable to the team.

As a captain, Sharma has led the team to several memorable victories. Which includes the historic Test series win in Australia in 2021. Sharma’s leadership skills, combined with his batting prowess become epic. Thus, making him one of the most important players in the Indian cricket team.

The Significance of Rohit Sharma’s New Record

Rohit Sharma’s new record of scoring 17,000 runs in international cricket is a significant milestone for Indian cricket. In fact, it highlights the depth of talent and skill that the Indian team possesses. Moreover, the importance of having epic performers like Sharma in the team too.

This record also serves as motivation for other Indian batsmen to aim for such heights and strive for excellence. Sharma’s achievement is a reminder of the rich legacy of great Indian batsmen. In addition, it states the role they play in shaping the future of Indian cricket.

The upcoming players will learn a lot. Such as team handling. Which is a must for a captain. Moreover, Rohit is raising a bar for Indian cricket too.


Rohit Sharma’s achievement of scoring 17,000 runs in international cricket is a significant milestone in his career. Moreover, it proves his class and consistency as a batsman. As the sixth Indian batsman to achieve this new batting record, he joins an elite club of Indian cricketers. This highlights the depth of talent that Indian cricket possesses.

His impact on Indian cricket as a batsman and a captain has been invaluable. In fact, he is earning the admiration of cricket fans worldwide. Indian cricket fans can look forward to more record-breaking performances from Captain Rohit Sharma in the years to come.  As he keeps leading the Indian cricket team to new heights.

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