Pro Kabaddi: All-Time Winner List of All Seasons of Pro Kabaddi

Pro Kabaddi All-Time Winner List

Since the Pro Kabaddi League began in 2014, there have been eight successful seasons. Unfortunately, PKL did not happen in 2020 and 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Above all, the latest season also had no visitors due to the pandemic. 

Here is a list of all-time PKL winners from 2014 to 2022:

First (2014)Jaipur Pink PanthersPink Panthers won by 11 points
Second (2015)U MumbaU Mumba won by 6 points
Third (2016)Patna PiratesPatna Pirates won by 3 points
Fourth (2016)Patna PiratesPatna Pirates won by 8 points
Fifth (2017)Patna PiratesPatna Pirates won by 17 points
Sixth (2018)Bengaluru BullsBengaluru Bulls won by 5 points
Seventh (2019)Bengal WarriorsBengal Warriors won by 5 points
Eighth (2021-22)Dabang Delhi KCDabang Delhi won by 1 point

Patna Pirates have won Pro Kabaddi three seasons in a row and have the most wins in the PKL. Further, Jaipur Pink Panthers, U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls, Bengal Warriors, and Dabang Delhi KC have one win each. 

About Pro Kabaddi

The term Pro Kabaddi refers to the form of Kabaddi played in the PKL. Also, the rules of Pro Kabaddi are similar to that of normal Kabaddi. However, the difference between the two is that pro kabaddi has a few extra rules. Notably, the PKL has added these extra rules to make the game more action-packed. Moreover, the league has seen huge success with its tweaks. As a result, the league’s first season has a record viewership of 435 million views, while the IPL has 552 million views in the same year.

So, what exactly worked for the people with the tweaks of PKL? A couple of new additions in particular!

The PKL has introduced two additional rules to make pro-Kabaddi more attractive. Namely, these are “do or die raids” and “super tackle.”

  1. Do or die raids: A do or die raid will occur if a raider has two successive failed raids. Specifically, he has to score in the next raid in any event lest he is declared out.
  1. Super tackle: Super tackle is a successful tackle by a team with three or lesser defensive players. To explain, a super tackle generates two points for the defensive team. Notably, only one point is awarded for a normal tackle. Comparatively, the super tackle has two points.

Besides, the PKL has also worked on improving venue conditions and the environment for the audience. All this has, consequently, led to astounding success for the league.

Pro Kabaddi League Winners & Runner ups List

SeasonWinnerRunner UpScoreMVP
First (2014)Jaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba35-24Anup Kumar
Second (2015)U MumbaBengaluru Bulls36-30Manjeet Chhillar
Third (2016)Patna PiratesJaipur Pink Panthers37-29Pardeep Narwal
Fourth (2016)Patna PiratesU Mumba31-28Rohit Kumar
Fifth (2017)Patna PiratesGujarat Giants55-38Pardeep Narwal
Sixth (2018)Bengaluru BullsGujarat Giants38-33Pawan Sehrawat
Seventh (2019)Bengal WarriorsDabang Delhi KC39-34Naveen Kumar
Eighth (2021-22)Dabang Delhi KCPatna Pirates37-36Naveen Kumar

First season:

Jaipur Pink Panthers have the honor of winning the first Pro Kabaddi League title. With 54 points in the season, they beat U Mumba in the final by 11 points. Anup Kumar was the MVP of the season.

Second season:

U Mumba holds the second season title of the Pro Kabaddi League. Thus, with 60 points in the season, they beat Bengaluru Bulls in the final by 6 points. Manjeet Chhillar was the MVP of the season.

Third, fourth, and fifth season:

Patna Pirates have won three seasons from the third to the fifth. Thus, the runner-ups on each occasion were Jaipur Pink Panther, U Mumba, and Gujarat Giants, respectively.

Sixth season:

Bengaluru Bulls hold the sixth season title of the PKL. With a total of 78 points in the season, they beat Gujarat Giants in the final by 5 points.

Seventh season:

Bengal Warriors hold the seventh season’s title. As a result, with a total of 83 points in the season, they beat Dabang Delhi KC in the final by 5 points. Naveen Kumar was the MVP of the season.

Eighth season:

The latest season of PKL held in 2021-22 differs from the other seasons in one aspect. In the light of the pandemic, precautions were made, and it was played with no live audience. 

In contrast, the previous seasons all had a live audience. As a result, Dabang Delhi KC won the eighth season’s title. As a result, with 75 points, they defeated Patna Pirates by 1 point in the final while Naveen Kumar was adjudged as the season’s MVP.

Who has won the most pro kabaddi?

Patna Pirates have won the most Pro Kabaddi League titles. Specifically, they have won three titles, especially in a row. Moreover, they have defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers, U Mumba, and Gujarat Giants from seasons three to five, respectively. Notably, Pradeep Narwal was the MVP of the third and the fifth season and played for Patna Pirates. This makes them the most successful franchise of the Pro Kabaddi Leag.

Besides Patna Pirates, five teams have one title apiece. These teams are U Mumba, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Bengal Warriors, and Jaipur Pink Panthers.

In the case of the players, two players have won the MVP award two times:

  1. Pradeep Narwal from season 3 and season 5 for Patna Pirates.
  2. Naveen Kumar from season 7 and season 8 for Dabang Delhi KC.

While Four players have a single MVP award:

  1. Anup Kumar from the first season.
  2. Manjeet Chhillar from the second season.
  3. Rohit Kumar from the fourth season.
  4. Pawan Sehrawat from the sixth season.


How many seasons of the PKL have been completed successfully?

There have been 8 successful seasons of the PKL. While the first 7 seasons are from 2014 to 2019, the eighth season was organized in 2021-22. This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Consequently, in 2020 PKL was not organized. Notably, 2016 had two seasons, the third and the fourth.

Which is the most successful team of the PKL?

Patna Pirates is the most successful team as it has three titles. Moreover, the team has won three titles in three consecutive seasons.

What is the number of participating teams in the PKL?

There are 12 teams in the PKL and all 12 played in the eighth season.

What is the format of the PKL?

The format of the league is a Double round-robin league and playoffs. Notably, it is similar to the format of the Indian Premier League.

Who are the sponsors of the PKL?

Eight sensors of the PKL 8 are Vivo, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, A23, Dream11, Mfine, Byju’s, Officer’s Choice, and Parimatch News. However, Vivo is the league’s official sponsor (also known as the title sponsor).

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