Learn The Strategy To Win Cricket Betting

There is nothing more exciting than betting on cricket. Predicting the outcome of a match or tournament or judging a particular aspect of the game can be very appealing.

A hundred percent success rate is never guaranteed when betting on cricket, or any sport for that matter. There would be no bookmakers if it were true.

There is no surefire cricket betting strategy to win money when gambling, it is only for those over the age of 18. Make sure you do not exceed your budget when gambling and always play responsibly. When you are confident that you have found a profitable trading strategy, test it on paper before moving forward with small stakes.

T20 IPL betting strategies

We think T2o cricket is the best form of the game to bet on because it is our main focus on the site. There are many trading options to make a profit since the odds move faster than in the longer forms of the game.

1 – Early wicket strategy

The key to building a big store in T20 cricket is not losing early wickets. If the first wicket falls within the first five overs, the odds on matches overreact. It would be very simple to bet on the batting team to win at this point, then cash out when the odds have dropped again a few balls later.

This would be best accomplished using Betfair, but it isn’t available in India at the moment, so you have to turn to another site. For quick trades, all of the betting sites that we cover offer the cash-out option.

There is no cricket betting strategy for the chasing innings because this is only for the first team batting.

2 – IPL value strategy – pre-match

Pre-match value can be found by using your knowledge of the IPL. Supporting your own team should not be driven by emotions!

Rather than looking at the odds, we are trying to build up a picture of a game. A number of factors will be considered, including the players and any injuries. To ensure they will be able to play the whole game, we might also take the weather into account.

Having determined who will win, we can then consider how close it will be. Bookmakers will offer value odds based on this guide. In the next step, we will check the statistics to see if emerging trends need to be addressed.

The latest IPL odds can now be found at our choose bookmaker. When we believe the team is more likely to win than the oddsmakers give them, we can find value. Our expectation is that this will generate a profit over time.

3 – Bonus bagging strategy

The practice of claiming multiple free bet offers for new customers is bonus bagging. Our chances of winning is double when we receive an extra free bet at 100% of our first deposit. Using the free bet is not like getting your stake back, so we must place sensible bets.

A value cricket betting strategy will use in conjunction with this strategy. It is also possible to target other IPL betting offers from other players and see if we can make a profit.

We get a 2,500 first bet if we use the Betway India free bet, followed by a 2,500 free bet after that. We have two chances of making a profit on the game if we find some value.

In-Play strategy

There is a wealth of betting opportunities available with in-play betting or live betting as it is by some. A wicket moves the odds the most in T20 cricket, but even just a dot ball can cause the odds to change.

For live betting on T20 cricket, we like to use the following strategies:

In-play strategy 1 – Early wicket trades

We very quickly back a batting team to win the match if we see a wicket early in the game. We can then exit for a profit once their odds come down from here. In this case, we are at risk if we lose another wicket in the next 2-3 balls, as this will move the odds against us.

It is important here to get in quickly and exit quickly once the market settles down. In this way, we minimize our risk as long as we comply with the cricket betting strategy. The trade can be exited either by cashing out for an equal return or by leaving a greater investment in the team you are betting on.

Any game can easily play twice with this cricket betting strategy.

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