India vs Pakistan: Nervousness & Excitement All Around The World | T20 WC 2024

India vs Pakistan ICC T20 World Cup 2024: A lot of nervousness and excitement all around the world

The India vs Pakistan clash always creates an atmosphere of nervousness and excitement for both the players as well as for the fans. We have seen the biggest cricket rivals in the world locking horns against each other so many times now in the ICC tournaments. The two teams have produced so many good games in recent times, especially in the shortest format of the game (T20Is). Babar Azam, Pakistan’s skipper in this ICC T20 World Cup 2024 talked about the nervousness and staying calm under pressure in an India vs Pakistan game.

India vs Pakistan: The biggest cricket rivals in the world

India vs Pakistan is more than just a game. The political tension and historical conflicts between the two nations spill into their cricket matches, adding a layer of significance beyond sport.

Not just that, the media hype, the passion of both teams’ fans, limited encounters, and memorable and competitive matches create more hype and thrill before the game.

Because the two teams don’t play bilateral series nowadays, limited encounters build more curiosity for the fans. The fans of both teams look to put each other down as well as a lot of emotions is there whenever it’s an India vs Pakistan clash. You can see the aftermath of the fans on social media. The fans felt nervous as well as excited about this particular game.

Game of nerves for the players

Not just the fans, it’s a game of nerves for both team’s players as well. That’s because the fans have a lot of expectations from their respective teams and don’t want their team to lose that game.

Although we always hear from the players that they take it as a normal game and are very excited, the players also feel the pressure and nervousness before the India vs Pakistan clash. A team that holds their nerves better will emerge as a winner in that game.

India vs Pakistan: Head-to-head in ICC T20 World Cups

The two teams have played 7 games already in the ICC T20 WCs till now. Out of those 7 games, India has won 6 (including the bowl-out match in 2007) and Pakistan only managed to win 1. Pakistan won the only game in 2021 when Babar Azam and M Rizwan chased down a target of 152 without any loss of wickets.

Now, the biggest cricket rivals will lock horns against each other again in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Group A game. They will play the game on June 09, at the Nassau County Cricket Ground, New York.

Babar acknowledges ‘nervousness’ before India-Pakistan games

Pakistan’s skipper said what we have discussed earlier. Babar said the vibe of these games is very different, and it generates more discussion than any other match. He also said there is a lot of excitement for the India vs Pakistan match, not just among the players but among the fans as well.

“Wherever you go in the world, you’ll have people talking about the India-Pakistan match with everyone supporting their country. Every fan eagerly waits for this fixture and focuses on this one particular match.” – Babar Azam said in a podcast.

Keep your head cool, trust the hard work – Babar on handling nerves in India-Pakistan matches

Babar also mentioned that the expectations and hype create some pressure and nervousness as well. He thinks that doing the basics right will help to negate the pressure. Keeping your head cool, staying calm, and trusting your hard work and skill will ease things out.

“It’s a game of immense pressure, and if you keep your head cool, stay calm, and trust your hard work and skills, things will be easier.” – Babar added.

Azam on hurtful moments in ICC T20 World Cup 2022

Babar Azam also talks about how hurtful was the loss against India in T20 WC 2022. Virat Kohli played one of the best knocks of the T20 WCs and won the game for India in that game. The Pakistani skipper also recalls a one-run defeat against Zimbabwe in the same tournament.

“For me, in 2022, we could and should have won the India game, but they took it away. The most hurtful was the defeat against Zimbabwe. It hurts more because we had played good cricket against India, and people were praising our performance and fighting back.” – Babar recalling hurtful moments from 2022 WC campaign.

Will There Be High-Scoring Games | T20 World Cup 2024


So this is all about the India vs Pakistan rivalry in cricket, and the excitement and nervousness around this clash. Both the teams haven’t played their first games in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. Team India will play its first game on June 05 against Ireland in New York. Pakistan will face the host US on June 06 in Dallas. Then the two teams clash against each other on June 09 in New York.

Let’s see how things panned out. What do you think? Who will win the important encounter on June 09?


(1) What are head-to-head between India and Pakistan in T20Is (including the bilateral)?

The two teams have played a total of 12 T20I games. India emerged as winners in 9 games while Pakistan has only managed to win 3 games.

(2) Which team has won the most ICC T20 WC titles between India and Pakistan?

Both the teams have won one ICC T20 WC title till now. India won the title in 2007, and Pakistan won the T20 WC in 2009.

(3) Which Indian bowler has taken the most wickets against Pakistan in T20Is?

Hardik Pandya has the most wickets (11) against Pakistan in T20Is.

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