How To Play Various Shots In Cricket | A Complete Guide

In cricket, playing the scoring shots can be challenging, particularly if you don’t know which shot is best for the situation. Strong reflexes, agility, speed, strength, and solid judgment are all necessary for an effective batsman. 

A strong batsman will also require a deep comprehension of cricket strategy and tactics in addition to a comprehensive knowledge of the game’s regulations. Gaining knowledge of the different shots and knowing when to employ them can help you become a better player and score more runs.

Here are some tips for playing defensive cricket shots, attacking cricket shots, and some unorthodox cricket shots:

The Defenses

The defence is the most basic shot in cricket. Since defence is the foundation of both your batting technique and your innings, it is imperative to have a strong defence. When you play solid front- or back-foot defence, you can withstand the swinging deliveries that occur early in a test match and undermine the confidence of spin bowlers by consistently holding them off when they bowl on a turning surface.  

Just like Rahul Dravid and, more recently, Cheteshwar Pujara has been for India in Test Cricket, you too can be a wall for your side with smart defensive play. So let us take a closer look at these defensive shots. 

How to play a Back Foot Defence?

  1. Bring your body in line with the ball when you receive a short-pitched delivery.
  2. Keep your front foot close to your body and pull it towards your body. Get on top of the bounce of the ball by straightening up your waist.
  3. When you react a little bit late, you have less chance of giving the bowler or any fielder in the close position a return catch!
  4. Make sure to keep your bat pointed toward the ground when you make contact with the ball. This helps to guarantee that the ball rolls downward rather than in the air.
  5. You don’t have to defend every delivery! It’s best to leave the ball alone if you feel it won’t hit your body or stumps.

How to play a Front Foot Defence?

  1. Get closer to the cricket ball’s pitch and line with your front foot.
  2. Your head should be slightly above your front knee.
  3. Try to leave as little space as possible between the bat and the pad as you drop it.
  4. To prevent a catch from popping up, tilt the bat slightly in the direction of the ground. 
  5. Avoid playing the stroke too hard and instead use “soft hands” to help the ball land on the willow. 
  6. You’ll see fewer slips and edges flying through to the keeper if you play flawless front-foot defence.  


When an inning begins in a match, the openers should concentrate first on setting up shop on the field and then establishing their innings from there. However, for those reasons, they don’t have to play or assault every ball. 

You might get an advantage if you try to defend a delivery that is delivered well, outside the off stump, or swinging away from you. Therefore, if you need more preparation to play attacking strokes, you should leave these deliveries.

In the same way, just let them go if the bowler delivers an unplayable bouncer that you are unable to middle or defend. The ball may take the top edge and go straight in the air.

Attacking Shots

In cricket, playing a scoring shots can be challenging, particularly if you don’t know which shot is best for the situation. Strong reflexes, agility, speed, strength, and solid judgment are all necessary for an effective batsman.

Here is how you can play attacking shots on the go with our guide.

How to play the Straight Drive?

  1. The straight drive is played against balls that are bowled full in the same line as the stumps. 
  2. Keep your front leg slightly bent and your head over your knee.
  3. Make sure the bat face is facing back towards the bowler as you strike the ball. Instead of trying to hit it hard, aim to time your shot precisely and push it back; the bowler’s pace will take care of the rest.   
  4. To hit the ball down the ground as straight as an arrow, raise your front elbow to a completely straight position. 

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How to play the Cover Drive?

  1. The front foot cover drive in cricket is played against deliveries on a good to full length on an off-stump line or wider.
  2. Bring the front foot in line of the ball closer to it, but with your head in a stable position.
  3. The head should be over the knee of the front leg while it is slightly bent.
  4. The gap between the cover fielders should be your target as you follow through while angling the bat face in that direction.
  5. “Keeping the stance” until the very end of the shot, precisely time the shot with your front elbow lifted. 
  6. Every time you can, make an effort to pick the gap.

Leg Glance

  1. Be sure to cover your leg stumps as you move your feet back towards the stumps.
  2. You should keep your head forward and in line with the ball at all times.
  3. The cricket bat should be brought through as straight as possible while the bat’s face should be turned slightly to the leg side.
  4. The ball makes contact with your body in front of you.

Square Drive

  1. Normally, one plays square drive on a very full ball that is about 15-20 cm outside the off stump.
  2. If you play the ball through the square point position initially, it will appear as if you can cover drive the ball until you realize it will pitch very full.
  3. The full face is slightly open in this shot, and it has a real feel to it. Unlike other strokes, the hands cannot follow the ball off the front foot.

Sweep Shot

  1. One can play a cross-bat shot to a delivery behind square on the leg side.
  2. Lead with your head and front shoulder toward the line of the ball.
  3. Bend the front leg and place the back leg after positioning the front pad in the ball’s line.
  4. Take a high backswing and bring the bat down and across while keeping your head over the front knee.
  5. With both shoulders pointing straight down the pitch, strike the ball in front of the pad with your arms extended. 
  6. Keep the ball down by rolling your wrists upon impact.

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