How To Bowl A Bouncer Ball In Cricket?

Bowling a bouncer ball in cricket requires immense skill, control and game awareness. When you think about the tall and ferocious legendary fast bowlers of the West Indies, all you think about is the pace at which they used to bowl the brutal bouncers.

A bouncer ball in cricket is a short-pitched delivery that rises sharply towards the chest or head of the batsman. If the batter has been playing free front foot scoring shots, such drives, and bouncers are used to force him back into his back foot. Bouncers are typically aimed roughly at the batter’s body line.

A fast bowler can bowl up to two bouncers in an over in test matches and one-day internationals. A fast bowler in T20 cricket can bowl one bouncer at most every over. This article will discuss how to master the art of bowling a bouncer ball in cricket.

An effective bouncer needs good practice to perfect

For quick bowlers, being able to execute a bouncer is essential. But, how can a competent bouncer help?

It can frighten batsmen, force them back onto the field, take wickets, and position a batsman. All of these are accurate, but the basic truth is that bowling a decent bouncer improves your fast bowling ability. Here are a few tips to bowl a decent bouncer.

  • Avoid bowling it too quickly. Maintain the same pace and action speed, but let go of the ball later. To bowl a decent bouncer, your technique must be sound. 
  • Maintain the same pace throughout your run-up; for some, go a little bit quicker. 
  • Never forget to run up, jump, and follow through with your momentum as you approach your goal. Your bouncer should be sent straight, not wide, at the batsman.

Now some of you youngsters might think like, “I’m not tall enough to bowl a bouncer,” or “I’m too slow to bowl a bouncer.” For certain young players, this is accurate, but it’s still critical to comprehend the idea of a bouncer and strive to bowl one as you get stronger and older.

But always remember that to bowl bouncers, you need pace. That pace may not be 90mph or 145kmph, but you must be fast enough to be seen as quick by the batsman at the other end. 

Additionally, you also need a pitch with a decent pace on it. The wickets in the subcontinent hardly offer pace, while the wickets in South Africa or Australia offer plenty of it.

How to bowl a bouncer: Bowlers with short height

Still, bowl a bouncer. Put it into practice. This will make it easier for you to comprehend how it feels to let the ball go later. Additionally, it can greatly improve your bowling motion.

Try bowling bouncers in your backyard. This will clarify for you how it might deter a batsman and scare them, increasing the danger of a full-pitched ball. Watch cricket matches regularly! For young players, watching cricket is quite beneficial. Watch the top bowlers as they deliver bouncers.

You’ll notice that as some of you get bigger and stronger, you’re able to bowl faster and feel more at ease when you bowl a bouncer. 

Sure, it’s possible that as you get older, you’ll bowl quicker and be scarier, but that’s not usually the case. For those who are currently the shorter players: Keep going! If you’re not six feet five, you can still be a world-class fast bowler and bowl a bouncer. Remember Brett Lee?

How to bowl a bouncer: Bowlers with Tall Heights

Just because you’re bigger than everyone else doesn’t mean you have to bowl your bouncer.

It is important to keep in mind that traditional techniques like swing bowling and consistent areas will provide more wickets than bouncer bowling, thus they should take precedence.

Keep an eye on your field placements. Assuming you feel at ease bowling bouncers, make sure your field is ready. Fielders protecting boundaries or in catching positions could be examples of this. 

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When facing a batsman who is not comfortable with the bouncer, use it more. One great way to take wickets is to attack their vulnerability. Use your bouncer less frequently than the opposing batsman who enjoys and plays it well. Ask them to score in other ways instead of giving them their chance to score.

When bowling a bouncer, field placements are critical. Consider where your field needs to be. While bowling bouncers, fielders can be put both offensive and defensive, or a combination of both.

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