How is the Indian men’s kabaddi team preparing?

The Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India will be hosting training sessions. However, coaching all possible players of India’s top kabaddi national team. The opportunities for the Kabaddi men’s and women’s national teams are selected based on the performance of the national team players. Moreover, who graduated on March 8 in Jaipur. AKFI nominees have nominated 36 players. However, In each of the men’s and women’s categories. As suspended names in the Indian national teams. These players will be training online from 15 September.

The players are divided into nine teams. Each team will be trained by different coaches. The four-day program will be on September 15, 17, 19, and September 21 for men. On the other hand, women’s training will be on September 16, 18, 22, and September 24. The four-day program will have a 40-minute session each day where players will be guided by their specific coaches.

In the Asian Games final, Iran was led 21-13, with eight points. During the break, but in the last hooter, India was reading 27-25.

History of Finals

The year was 2014 and the venue was Songdo Global University gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea. Iran had allowed India to fight and also win the seventh consecutive gold medal in kabaddi in Asia.

“I did not control the game,” Iranian defender. Fazel Atrachali told Scroll three years later. During a reunion at the Pro Kabaddi league. “India had a plan and they did very well and won. They can control the game. We have to try that if we want to beat India. ”

Four years after that defeat at Incheon, Iran regained its favor. According to Atrachali mature and experienced as a captain. Iran defeated India 27-18 in the semi-finals of the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta on Thursday. This has not been as rapid a success as India four years ago. This was complete domination. This has been a disgrace to the national team that has introduced the world to the world.

If you still do not understand the magnitude of this defeat. Just look at the situation of India kabaddi captain Ajay Thakur after the match on Thursday.

The paid league will greatly help our players to achieve better levels of strength and mental awareness. Also, extra skills and different types of play as we prepare for the World Cup.

While in Kenya for the World Cup qualifiers. Uganda was placed in Group A with Rwanda.  Namibia and Uganda managed to win both matches beating Rwanda 61-21 and Namibia 46-13. However, We went on to beat Burundi 56-28 in the semi-finals and lost to Kenya 45-37 in the final. By the time we reached the final stage. It meant that we had entered the world cup.

Pro Kabaddi

After the qualifiers, we planned to practice. And so far it has been going on for a whole month in double sessions. As a way to prepare for the World Cup. And the Pro Kabaddi league in India. Every player’s dream is to play in the pro-Kabaddi League. Now we have the opportunity for our players to play well in the World Cup. So that we can do well. And these players will be taken over by the big kabaddi clubs.

We look forward to having a good kabaddi league (Uganda pro kabaddi). Next year and this will help us grow the sport. This will be one of the biggest kabaddi leagues in East Africa. However, we now have clubs and sponsors coming to support us.

Finally, we would like to thank all our supporters for their love and support in this game. Let us grow Kabaddi together. We are running for victory.

Atrachali and teammate Abozar Mohajer Mighani scored the highest points. In the knockout stages of Pro Kabaddi’s fifth season last year. Against Pakistan in the first round of the 2018 Asian Games. They had scored 36 points for their team. Warning signs were present for India. However, on top of that, it looks like the team didn’t do the homework coming into the game.

In the background

After leading 6-2 at the start of the first half. And marking four of the seven Iranian players on the mat. Therefore, The Indian attackers continued to risk unnecessarily. A good strategy would be to allow the Iranian invaders. Who are not close to their defenders, to make mistakes. However, the boot was on the other foot. India’s top strikers – captain Thakur, Monu Goyat, Pardeep Narwal, and Rishank Devadiga. Therefore, They have allowed themselves to be attacked. They were pinched by two or three Iranian defenders, including a “Super Tackle” and a team. Your two points instead of one.

Back in 2018, the Delhi High Court-appointed Justice Garg as AKFI superintendent. He replaces retired Indian Administrative Service chief Sanat Kaul. The Supreme Court has overturned the appointment of Janardan Singh Gahlot. His wife is‘ president of health’ and president of AKFI. Arjuna Awarded by Mahipal Singh and others took the initiative to file a complaint against the two.

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