How IPL Is Affecting The Indian Cricket?

Indian Premier League has given so many great talented players not just to Indian cricket, but to the whole cricketing world. So many players from all around the world want to play in the IPL. The reason for this is the level of the game in the cash-rich league as all the greats of the game-play in this league.

Now, the ICC also gave a 3 months window for the IPL in which, when the league is going on, no other international matches will be played except a few. Indian cricket has got so many talented players in the side in the past few years like Jasprit Bumrah, Hardik Pandya, Surya Kumar Yadav, KL Rahul, etc. Even in the recent past, players like Arshdeep Singh, and Ishan Kishan has done well in the IPL and got into the national side.

The players from other countries also got exposure from the IPL and made it into the national side by performing well in the IPL. So many players who have done well in the international circuit give credit to the IPL for their transition.

But there are always two sides to the coin. There are some flaws and some things which are affecting Indian cricket due to IPL. And we will discuss some points in detail below.

(1) So much competition in the IPL-

There is so much competition in this big league. And the players are picked from so many local and international leagues and competitions. For that reason, sometimes, the local Indian player is not been picked and the chances are less for them due to so much competition. That is one of the concerns in Indian cricket due to this IPL.

(2) Players not able to perform at the international level-

Some players came in and have done well in the IPL circuit. But when they got picked for the international games, their performance is not up to that standard. They won’t be able to perform as they did in the IPL. Maybe because the international level demands more quality and skills. But that is a bit of a concern for Indian cricket.

(3) So much money involved in the league (IPL)-

 The viewership of this league is immense and the sponsors pay a lot of money and the players will also get big contracts every year.

The money involved in this league is getting advanced and we have heard quite a few times that the player is more interested in playing in the league than in the Indian team. That is because they get a lot in this league in just 2 months. Players will get a big contract and come into the limelight and don’t want to play for Indian cricket. That is a big concern for Indian cricket.

(4) Big contracts in IPL put pressure on the players-

Sometimes, a big contract puts pressure on that particular player to perform well. Otherwise, the franchise’s money will not be used.

The form of the player doing well every time is not in that particular player’s hand. They will be under a lot of pressure due to big contracts from the franchises. Like with the example of Ishan Kishan and Chris Morris, both got the big contract in different IPL seasons but didn’t perform as per the expectations of the team.

(5) Injury scares in the league-

Playing other than Indian cricket makes the chances of injury. IPL is a high-intensity league where players gave their everything on the field. In that case, the chances of an injury become more. And due to that, they will miss the international games.

We have seen quite a few times that a player is going through the recovery phase at the time of international cricket and gets fit for the IPL. It is a serious issue for Indian cricket.

(6) Pressure from the franchises-

In the IPL, there is pressure from the franchises to the Indian cricket. To perform well, and to get fit at the time of IPL, even at the cost of international cricket, these are the few things franchises looked at in the league.

So these are the few concerns for Indian cricket due to the Indian Premier League. There are always some benefits and some drawbacks as well. What do you think of this one? Comment your answer below.

Thank you for reading the article. We hope you liked it. Keep following us for the latest sports-related updates.

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