Here Are Some Cricket Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Cricket is one of the oldest sport in history and people all around the world loves to watch this game. There are so many things we have experienced in this game in different generations with some of the amazing cricket facts that will blow your mind.

Today, we will talk about some of the amazing cricket facts that will blow your mind. There are so many that you saw in this game with a lot of history behind it. Let’s see some of them below in detail.

Amazing cricket facts that will blow your mind:-

(1) The first cricket World Cup-

The first cricketing world cup was held in 1975 in England. After that, there are 11 more World Cups held with the latest one being in 2019. England won that world cup by beating New Zealand in the final by the barest margin.

West Indies was the first team who won the first world cup in 1975. They repeat the heroics in the next edition as well in the 1979 world cup.

(2) The longest cricket match was 14 days long:-

What crickets were played at a particular time that was the loudest? Cricket matches in England can frequently drag on for hours, especially when pauses are taken frequently due to the unpredictable British weather. An English vs. South African game in 1939 featured the oldest cricket match ever played. Forget it; there were just 14 days. Additionally, as the British ship had departed to transport the players home, the game had to be called a draw.

Nowadays, the longest cricket game is 5 days long which is test cricket.

(3) The first cricket ball was made of wool:-

While the origins of cricket are unknown, it appears that they were invented by shepherds as a simple pastime to pass the time while tending to a sheep. Our first impression of cricket is that the bowlers’ speed was probably unachievable and that the cricket balls were originally made of cotton. Since 1597, when a man referred to the game of “creckkett” in a dispute over land ownership, cricket has been mentioned in English history. However, it took over ten thousand years until the first cricket match was played in earnest in 1877.

This is one of the amazing cricket facts that you never knew before this article.

(4) Wicket bails weren’t always necessary:-

Umpires may use heavy bails so they won’t fly due to heavy wind, or might not even use them for the smooth conduct of play.

Nowadays, bails are used with lights in them. It helps in decision-making for the umpire as well.

It is one of the cricket facts that most of the fans might not know.

(5) Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to score that fastest century:-

Shahid Afridi, one of the finest hitters of the cricket ball scored the fastest century in that past in just 37 balls against India.

Although it is now known by most of the fans, some still didn’t know that the Pakistani batter used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to score that hundred.

After that, AB de Villiers (South Africa) and C Anderson (New Zealand) broke that record.

Right now, the record for the fastest century in international cricket is with AB de Villiers in ODI cricket against West Indies (WI). He completed his century in just 31 balls and scored 149 off 44 balls in that inning.

(6) The oldest living cricketer is 94 years old:-

Ronald Draper, a cricketer for South Africa, is the oldest active Test player still playing today. He is approximately 95 years old. 1950 marked the year of his final test match.

Wilfred Rhodes, who took over 4,000 wickets in his career and played his last test match at the age of 52 back in 1930, was the oldest cricketer to ever actively play the sport. It is also one of the cricket facts that the fans should know.

(7) England is the only team who played more than 1000 tests:-

The game was discovered by the English, and they are the only team who has played more than 1000 test matches in the history of the game. They achieved this milestone during the 2018 India series. England won that series by 4-1.

So these are some of the cricket facts that will blow your mind. Comment your favorite one below and tell us what is your favorite.

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