Guide On Mostplay Sign Up & Claiming Mostplay Bonuses

Mostplay India is one of the most popular betting apps in India. It offers quite unique features. Such as, gaming and betting options as per the taste of players. Also, the security of all the details you provide is best. And many more of such features.

But, there is one feature that plays a crucial role in appealing to new players. That is the marvelous Mostplay bonuses. There are in fact game specific bonuses available too. Also, the promotional offers add a great line of rewards to the list too. Thus, we will discuss in detail how to claim Mostplay bonuses.

But, prior to that, we have to learn the Mostplay Sign-up process. As, before enjoying all the rewards of Mostplay India, we need to have detailed information on how to enter the casino.

Mostplay Sign Up Process

The Mostplay sign-up process is not rocket science. It is just some basic and easy steps. You just need to be attentive enough to put the right details. As if you try to cheat, there will be some time when you get caught. Thus, the account you will be using will be banned. And you lose everything in it.

Let’s start understanding the Mostplay sign-up process. Here are the steps:

1. The very obvious first step is to open your web browser and search for Mostplay India Website. Get to the official website of Mostplay India.

2. Now on the website, look for the button saying “Register”. Most probably, it will be on the right side of the top corner. Click on it.

3. Now on the new window, you will see a registration form. It will ask you some basic personal details. Such as your name for a start. Also, date of birth, even your email ID too. And your phone number as well as address too.

4. Next step in the Mostplay Sign up process is quite important. Here, you need to choose the unique username as well as password. Must remember both of them. As you will be using them later to log in.

5. Now, select the currency you prefer. Such as it will be INR in the case of Mostplay India.

6. Here comes the last step of Mostplay Sign up. As you have already provided all the details. Now read the terms and conditions. Click to agree. And press the “register” button. And your registration process is complete.

Mostplay Login

After Mostplay Sign up, you need to log in into Mostplay India. For that you need to visit the website again. And Click login there. You will find spaces next to Username and Password. Fill in both. And click login.

Thus, you are in. Yes, this is quick as well as easy to do.

Mostplay bonuses

There are various kinds of Mostplay Bonuses and promotional offers. It ranges from welcome bonus, deposit bonus, rebate, VIP point exchange, refer a friend, and many more. Also, you can even earn a bonus by downloading the Mostplay India app.

But, is it that simple? Well, yes it is. But of course, there are certain terms and conditions associated with those. Thus, you can claim the bonus after completing those. Let us discuss some.

150 free Bet upon Registration

This is one of the easiest to claim Mostplay bonuses. All you have to do is complete the Mostplay sign up process. Then after verifying your email ID as well as phone number, go to the vouchers. Thus, click on “Use Now”. And you got the 150 free bets.

Deposit Bonus

You can earn 10% of your daily deposit bonus. When you are going to make the deposit, select “Daily 10% Bonus 3x Wager”. You can find it in promotions. But, the minimum deposit is 1000 and there must be a 3x wager requirement to complete.

Mostplay Bonuses Terms and conditions

There are many more such Mostplay bonuses with different conditions. But, we definitely have some of the common conditions to achieve. Such as:

1. A wager requirement is with maximum Mostplay bonuses. Such 3x in Daily 10% deposit bonus. Also, 1.5x wager to complete to claim the bonus by referring a friend.

2. Sometimes there are bonuses that you can earn only on specific games. Such as Baccarat Insurance Bonus, 100% Sports Welcome Bonus, and more.

3. There is also a limit on the maximum bonus you can earn, except for a few. Such as a free bet with 18000 on deposit, INR 2000 on making the first bet of the day on Baccarat worth INR 2000 exactly, and many more.


To cap it all, in Mostplay India, the process of signing up is quite easy. Also, to claim bonus, you must follow all the requirements as per each game. The terms and conditions must be appropriately met to earn Mostplay bonuses. So, don’t wait. Start with the journey to earn huge rewards.

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