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There is no surprise for the popularity of cricket in India. There are thousands of people, or more than that, who want to do betting on cricket matches. You can see the option to bet on the IPL, international T20s, and other events from all around the world. Cricket betting makes up a huge proportion of sports betting in India because of its popularity only.

People, who are looking to gamble online in India have a few options to choose from that. They will allow you to use Indian Rupees, as you are from India only. It is very important (when choosing an online bookmaker) to make sure that these sites/ apps offer you the ability to bet on your favorite sports, obviously cricket here, with the best options that you are looking for. It is important when choosing an online bookmaker to make sure that they offer you the ability to bet on your favorite sports cricket with the best options that you are looking for. Cricket batting requires a lot of knowledge of both the things:

  • Cricket Game and
  • How does betting work?

That’s why we are here, to aim to give you the best cricket match tips and tricks and advice on cricket match predictions. Experienced betting experts carefully analyze tips and tricks of betting 

Here In this article, you will find a complete list of cricket match tips and tricks and online cricket betting predictions.  Here, you are going to find a detailed analysis of our free cricket match tips and tricks, but winning money is not always a guarantee. You can just predict and have an idea that this team might be the winner, but as we said, the winner is not guaranteed.

Our few online betting tips in India are as follows:

  • Everyone plays to win always but winning is not always the final result. Losing is part of betting. You should always fix a daily or weekly limit to play. Cricket betting always gives us enjoyment and is not an addiction.
  • It is very important to do proper research before betting. Cricket goes much beyond statistics and plays an important role in our world.
  • Always tries to place a bet after the toss only. Because toss is an important factor. Because most of the time, whoever team wins the toss, wins the game too. But again, you have to do proper research on that.
  • Always ensure before betting, your site is safe and not illegal. Trusted websites always prefer the best and easiest method to bet.
  • Learning about different types of bets. Because there are so many aspects, on which you can predict. SO, always try to learn everything about that, before betting.
  • You should always do the following 12 things before betting on the cricket team. By having a look at these points, you can have a cricket match prediction.

Do the research: Before you start betting, It is advisable to do the necessary research about the team and surroundings.

Analyze the team: Before you start betting, It is advisable to analyze the team very well. No matter, if the team is believed to be strong, try to spot the factors that can affect its performance.

Check the weather: The weather can have a huge impact on the results of a cricket match, It is advisable to look through the forecast beforehand.

Pick up your favorite betting strategy: There are many betting strategies, we are going to discuss below, you have to choose your favorite strategy to get the best result.

Place bets wisely: Careful research will help minimize the chance of the latter.

Don’t rely on accumulator bets: if you want to try out an accumulator bet, you should use bankroll management. And yes, don’t spend too much of your betting money there — instead, prepare some safer backup options.

Try live betting: However, that is not the only reason to try this kind of betting. As the game goes on, its outcome becomes easier to predict.

Look for less obvious matches to bet on: There are sources of possible profit among the cricket markets with less popularity. It will give you more chances to win.

Manage your bankroll: Keep in mind that some online cricket bets do not give the expected payoff. Even if you are going to make some betting on cricket, then the main source of your income, you should have enough money saved to cover living expenses.

Don’t bet more than you can afford: Many newbie bettors hope to make money immediately, but placing huge stakes from the very beginning can backfire. When you are new to betting sites or trying out a new strategy, start with small amounts of money. Always remember the last point also.

cricket betting strategy

Key factors which need to be remembered before betting

As we know, Cricket is a very popular sport both – for watching and for betting. With its very high popularity, more cricket betting markets have been launched to help you break even and make more and more profits. If you are betting or thinking of betting on the next cricket match to be played, then keep these important things in mind before you start. We can also have a look at our cricket betting rates too, just to analyze your profit rate. And then we can have our cricket match prediction.

Draw results

By using this also, we can have our cricket match prediction. Here, the attack order is determined through a simple coin toss. Toss is done in all the cricket matches to see which team is going for batting first. And this batting team is called an attacker. This procedure has a big impact on the outcome of the match. The team attacking first in a test match generally gains an advantage by making the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball as in cricket, balls are generally not changed at the slightest sign, only after 80 overs.

A batsman, for example, finds it easier to hit the ball after bouncing off a flat and unworn field area. Thus, the first attacking team has more chances to start a dash and seize the initiative in the cricket match. This is one of the reasons why some cricket betting professionals always like to play live, and wait for the results of the starting draw and thus eliminating one of the factors beyond their control.

Field factor

Another thing many gamblers overlook is the size of the field that the cricket is played on. Though there is no hard and fast rule or standard, the same shot can bring different rewards depending on the size of the field. By looking at the field factor also, we can have our cricket match prediction. On one, it might travel over the boundary for six. And on another moment, it could fall directly into a fielder’s hands. Therefore, just as players need to be prepared for that, so do you, when you are going to place a bet on the given game environment. If you are well prepared for this, then you can be successful when it comes to placing bets on the cricket match.

In different areas and at different stadiums, the coverage of the pitch where the main game is played can be different – from an earthen surface to a very short and longer lawn. The coverage can also change in one stadium from season to season, depending on the care of the field.


The weather plays a big and very important role in cricket match prediction and the success of your bet within a cricket match. Cricket matches always have the risk of rain, in which cricket can’t be played, and humidity, which can be crucial to a bowler’s success. When rain falls, it can pose a threat to the game getting canceled altogether. It means it is very important that you keep an eye on the weather forecasts also before you place any bets on the game.

Teams and players shape

You can never underestimate the factor in which teams are approaching a certain match. If in long series the home team wins the first match, then it often affects the next opponents, and the guests fall into failures at an unusual guest pitch.

You can see the past results of that team or the player and then can decide. You can have bet on the team, player, 4th, 6th, winning, losing, etc. The longer the match is, the more live bets will be Everyone from every profession can bet on their favorite team. This sport is one of the few very famous sports, in which a lot of professionals prefer to bet live.

Above written factors – like weather, the field, etc, the results of the draw, and others – greatly influence the events of the match, and a betting player who closely follows the match all day can gain some advantage over the bookmaker line. Because he is having more information collection.

Points: Weather forecast, time of day, pitch conditions, team performance

Weather forecast

The weather can have a huge impact on the results of a cricket match, so look through the forecast beforehand. For starters, make sure there will not be any extreme weather conditions that could cause the game’s postponement. You need to be aware of the weather condition on that day. Nobody can play cricket in heavy rains, so this will affect the cricket betting match. We know from experience that, as clear skies and sunshine will help batsmen to score more runs. On the other hand, cloudy, humid days are better for the bowlers. And Thus weather forecast plays an important role in cricket match prediction.

Time of Day

This is a very big thing to think about before we give our Test cricket match tips and tricks. This also has an important role in cricket match prediction. We can understand it by an example, A day-night test match, for example, the cricket match becomes very tricky for the batsmen as compared with the bowlers. More on that, the pink ball that is used in day-night test matches often swings more under lights but also spins as it gets worn.

The pink ball loses its shape very fast as compared with the traditional red one too. Thus, time of day will impact other forms of cricket too.

Pitch Conditions

Generally, most people underestimate or ignore the importance of the pitch when making match-betting rules. We will explain to you, If a pitch is dry such as in stadiums in India and Pakistan, it is always favorable to spin bowlers as it gives the ball more grip.

On the other hand, pitches in countries such as Australia are more favorable for fast bowlers as it creates a movement of the seam when the ball bounces off the pitch.

Team Performance

The team’s recent performance form impacts the cricket match tips and tricks and online cricket betting predictions. This is where the betting rules come into action. We will tell you how.  Before we offer any advice on what to bet on, we will advise you to analyze the recent performance of the 2 teams. We will look at the cricket matches played between the 2 teams and create its head-to-head statistics as well. By doing this thing, it becomes much clearer to decide who has the best betting cricket odds for a particular cricket match.

Why it is important to check the Betting Odds?

Betting odds also plays a very important role in betting on the cricket match. By learning how they work, you can tell whether the bet is worth making. Cricket odds are used to calculate the winnings wager and its outcome happening. To understand better, here is an example. If the best player in the world will compete against the weakest one, it’s very obvious that the best one will win the match. This means that the wager on winning will have low cricket odds, as the wager on his adversary winning will have higher cricket odds. We always keep checking the betting cricket odds for every online cricket betting prediction. Every betting website or app will offer different odds for an event. We check them all beforehand only. You can say – cricket odds are a kind of cricket betting rate.

For example, Betway (a betting website) has betting odds of 2.0 for a particular team to win, while the other website, 10CRIC has odds of 2.10 for the same team to win in the same game only, then betting at 10CRIC is the best option.

Cricket betting odds reveal to you exactly- how much you can win in the bet that you place to go on to be a winner. Cricket bet odds can be displayed in three different formats and these are-

  • Fractions,
  • American, and
  • Decimals

Fractional cricket betting odds show your profit will be, decimal cricket bet rates indicate what your total returns will be, while American cricket bet odds indicate how much you can make from every 100 units that you are going to bet.

Odds are the indicators of how much money is set to win or lose in every bet then. Let us see how this works. Now suppose the online site or the app has put the odds for a cricket match between India and Australia at 50-55. Now, what does this 50-55 mean? This means that the odds on India are 50 and that of Australia is 55.

If a user places a bet of INR 100 on India winning the match, he will get INR 150 (100+50) back if India wins. If team India loses the match, then the user loses the entire amount of Indian rupees 100. Similarly, if a user places a bet of INR 100 on Australia winning the match, he will get INR 155 (100+55) back if Team Australia wins.

However, the user will lose the entire amount, in case Australia loses the match.

Things are not this simple, and most of the betting sites keep the odds in the form of decimals and more complicated. Let us see how the decimal system of odds works:

Suppose the online betting website has placed the odds of a cricket match between 2 teams -India and England at 1.2-3.1. Now you are curious, what does this mean? If a user places a bet of INR 100 on India winning the match, he will get INR 120 (100+{100*1.2}) back if India wins.

Hence, the decimals are the proportions in which your money will increase or decrease, depending on the bet’s outcome.

What factors impact success: Betting Strategy

All of us are here to make money by betting on cricket teams and to make money from betting on the Indian cricket team can be planned via some betting strategies or cricket match tips and tricks you will want to understand and follow.

Money Management/Bankroll Management

When you are betting on cricket sports you should always set aside a certain amount of money, which you can afford to lose. In betting, we call this amount – “bankroll”. Like with any kind of gambling, you never want to bet betting on sports with money you can’t afford to lose. Always, prepare your mind and set aside a certain amount of money that you can use for your bankroll for the week/ the month/ or the season, it depends on you. But decide it first.  It is also very important that you do not chase your losses with bigger bets. You should always work with the size of your bankroll or your pocket of that money, and look to slowly increase it over the length of the season, that too if you want.

Always bet lightly and Don’t Go on Tilt

Although betting while sober seems like very common sense, you will be surprised how many people bet on cricket sports under the influence. Is it just a coincidence that the Las Vegas casinos offer free alcoholic drinks while people are gambling? I don’t think so.

Going on tilt or “tilting” is a generally referred to term with poker players and basically, it means letting your emotions take over, which often leads to bad decisions. If you are upset at something, like a couple of bad beats with your cricket sports bets, you shouldn’t be placing any more bets. Take a break! Go for a walk! And get your mind clear before you start making any more sports betting picks.

Do Your Homework

This is maybe the most important sports betting rule or betting strategy. You should always have to do your research before placing your bets on the cricket match. Although going with your hunch when betting on your favorite sport may work some of the time, in the long run, it will not lead to you winning money betting on sports. To get profit from cricket game betting, you will have to research, study, and do your homework for every pick you make. Have a look at the stats, find its trends, create some cricket sports betting systems, and analyze past games – basically do everything you could do to ensure you have value in your pick before you place your wager.

Avoid Buying Points

We can understand it by an example, some bettors always feel the need to buy an NFL favorite of -3.5 down to -2.5. The sportsbooks are very smart enough to charge more juice to do this, mathematically making it a very bad betting strategy. The same goes with buying an NFL underdog from +2.5 to +3.5 for example. In 99% of cases, I would advise against it.

Top 5 Betting Sites That Are Popular In India

If you like cricket and betting on it, then there are many betting websites. You can have a look at them. You can try betting on cricket matches by using any of them. All the betting sites are having its cricket betting rates. You can see and analyze them and then can start your betting. These are:


Jeetwin is an online casino, which is exclusively for Indian players. You must be living in India to join Jeetwin, it’s a compulsion to play via jeetwin. To have Jeetwin around is a great improvement for Indian players. Even just a few years ago, it was very hard to find an online casino site, that would accept Indian players. All were available for foreigners. But now, we have our very own online casino, where Indian players are welcomed with a smile, where we can make easy deposits and withdrawals without any kind of hotchpotch, and where we can play our favorite casino games. Though here we are talking about betting on the cricket match.

Jeetwin offers a very impressive variety of games like Baccarat, Roulette, Andar- Bahar, Fan -Tan, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger with its very professional live dealers. You can enjoy our selected range of slots games and live bets on our huge selection of worldwide sports events. From the moment you sign up to the JeetWin, you will be treated to a generous sign-up bonus. No nee! Jeetwin also offers the best variety of promotions and unlimited cashback. This website is all about entertainment and having fun in a safe and very responsible gaming environment. Should you have any queries or questions, then Customer Service is available 24/7 to assist you. They are always available.

Here, we believe that online gambling should be a fun and exciting form of entertainment. And this website takes care of providing a safe and secure environment to its valued players.


In India, Marvel Bet has the best online casino, sports betting, and entertainment games. With its expert live dealers, this website provides a wide range of games like Baccarat, Roulette, Fan Tan, Sic Bo, and Dragon Tiger. This website will offer a substantial sign-up bonus as soon as you register with it. There is no need to deposit security! Similarly, they also have the most promos and provide a cashback.

This website has a very good reputation for delivering its gamers a fantastic gaming experience. And their team of professionals has worked hard to give what they believe to be India’s best online casino service. Earlier, the group had a lengthy history of delivering online gambling services to its customers all around the world.


ICCWIN is the most excellent and profitable Indian IPL betting site among the abundance of online betting sites available. We can say this is the one-stop solution for gamblers with an extensive range of betting options. This website provides you with the ease of betting on IPL 2022 ICCWIN, making the difference.

As we know, this is an Indian gambling site and its offering so much is worth appreciating and trying too! ICCWIN hosts the best IPL 2022 betting experience. This gaming website is very focused and always happily welcomes Indian players. From its remarkable bonuses to extremely favorable betting markets of cricket to assisting punters in every possible way, ICCWIN emerges as the key solution. In addition to this, the platform does everything it takes to become the best and the most trustworthy IPL betting site. It should be remembered that they have got their licenses from Gaming Curacao, which makes them trustworthy. You can trust this website.


Mostbet is one of the leading betting sites in India offering bets on all kinds of sports and eSports, all kinds of casino games are also available. All the new players on this website, have access to an excellent Mostbet welcome bonus, which is up to 25,0000/- INR in all types of games, join this bridge and make money with pleasure!

This is an online betting company, which stepped into the online gambling market appx a decade ago. During this time, the company had managed to set some kind of standards and earned fame in almost 93 countries. Which is a very huge amount. This online betting company allows its players from all across the world to wager on events from sports including cricket, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc, and play on the sweepstakes, and e-sports as well. This website also offers gambling on online casinos that have appx 1400 slot games.

The Mostbet India company provides. All its resources in over 20 different language versions to ensure easy access to its clients. Its data has shown that the number of registered users on its official site of it is over one million.

Cosmo Casino Apps

Cosmo Casino is the right platform for all online gambling enthusiasts. It has a simple, yet classy interface to see and play and a wide range of games that can suit the taste of every virtual gambler who is looking for a thrilling and rewarding betting experience.

The interactive casino always makes sure that its all customers can enjoy entertaining adventures and win real money for sure by using the bonuses and promotions which Cosmo Casino provides. This way players can expand their betting options and can hope for the best outcome from betting.

At Cosmo Casino, they have over 110 of only the best online casino games. With new releases every month and all the greatest classics. You have boundaries to find a game to suit your style! All of our games feature incredible and offer you a unique gameplay experience. Here you have 150 chances on us to try out any of our casino games. So all you have to do is pick the game that you would like to try and become their next instant Millionaire! They also have two games you won’t find anywhere else, be sure to check out their slots page for more information!

Its highly competent team of the very interactive casino will answer your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means they are always at work.


Q1 How to make a correct online cricket betting prediction?

Ans: Analyzing all of the information before the match- is a key factor in a successful bet. You can’t just bet randomly. You can use the analytics of any of the sports sites available on the net. For example, here you can read about the favorites of the upcoming World Cup. And then can predict for the cricket match.

Q2 What factors influence the outcome of a match?

Ans: Among the main factors are the draw, the sports shape of the players. The state of the field, the weather, and many more…

Q3 Is it profitable to make live bets?

Ans: Many professional players prefer to bet live because this way they can minimize the influence of random factors.

Q4 What do odds mean in cricket betting?

Ans: The limited-over matches are simple head-to-head markets while there is a possibility of a draw in test matches. In other words, odds are just a numerical way of calculating the probability of an outcome. Based on the bets already placed in the market.

Q5 Is betting illegal in cricket?

Ans: Despite common knowledge that cricket betting takes place throughout the IPL season, it is still illegal in India.

Q6 Is JeetWin real?

Ans: Yes, JeetWin is an Indian online casino, JeetWin established in 2017.

Q7 How can I get the JeetWin bonus?

Ans: On becoming a member of JeetWin casino. You automatically become a member of the loyalty club of  Jeet Privilege. For each of its new players, there is the bonus of being awarded your first 2,500 loyalty points. You earn more loyalty points when you play.

Q8 How do I start a cricket bet?

Ans: The most common form of cricket wager is the match-betting bet. This is a very straightforward bet as you only have to pick from three different outcomes. And you’ll either select if you think that the home team will win. Another team will win, or if the match will end in a draw. That’s it!

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