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Please feel free to contact us at any time via ICCBETINFO with any comments you may have. In addition, we are a vibrant community of cricket fans devoted to answering your questions well and with the right answers. We strive to provide you with thorough real-time answers and to help you clarify your questions. 


E-mail is the best way to send us complaints. We will respond to all emails within a reasonable amount of time. Please read our guidelines before sending any mail. Here at ICCBETINFO, we have set up a standard infrastructure so that spam emails are not captured. We have created this mechanism to ensure that we only deal with real complaints and not be swamped with fake and spam mail. 

Send us your email with a proper subject so we can understand your problem and respond promptly. By doing so, your email will also avoid being filtered as spam.

You can be sure that all concerns are taken seriously and that they will be addressed as promptly as possible. However, we advise you to check our Terms and Conditions, About Us, and Privacy Policies before contacting us. You will find much of the information you need on our site in these documents.

Please do not provide us with any personal information, including your bank details, in your complaints. All information you provide to us is kept safe and is only shared with our support team. There is no need to worry about your information being leaked online.


Looking for a sportsbook listing? Check out our guidelines first. We will not consider your application for a review if you don’t follow these guidelines. You will be marked as spam if you do not follow the guidelines. 

This site offers only genuine reviews. And each bookmaker is carefully evaluated before being listed. 

Cricket bookmakers frequently fail to meet our standards when it comes to advertising for various reasons. Make sure you provide all the details and ask for changes once the review is posted if you wish to receive a review from us.

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