The royal panda casino India has to be one of the most fun and visually pleasing online casinos websites that are around this moment.

Royal Panda has also branched itself into an international gambling brand with the reputation of being very serious and reliable. They also have a widespread presence that is in India with unique offers. The services have been designed exclusively for Indian players. 

Well, you can combine with the great selection of casino games and the sports on which you will be able to bet. You will also get great customer service and fast deposits and even faster withdrawals. 

This is the app that is going to satisfy your online casino needs. This is one international online casino and betting company with its roots in Europe.

This brand was launched back in the year 2014.  It is one of the most trustworthy and innovative leaders in the field (RoyalPanda Review). 

royalpanda review

Introduction (RoyalPanda Review)

The Royal Panda is very big in India and is also offering great opportunities. There are various ranges of exciting casino games and slot machines in the region. This website is also accepting deposits in the INR as they have the best deals and bonuses for Indian players. 

Today, we are going over the RoyalPanda review and you will be able to learn everything that there is to know about the royal panda and its services. Our team of gambling experts has put the royal panda to the test. We tried both the casino part of the website as well as the sportsbook. 

We will also provide information about the royal panda whether it is legal in India or not. There are detailed descriptions of the bonuses and promotions and a review of the customer service. We will provide the opinion on whether or not we feel comfortable recommending the brand to our readers or not. 

Well, as always, this review is going to be completely unbiased and there will be no stone that will be left unturned. 

Royal Panda Payment Options India:

Even the royal panda is offering various great payment options for deposits and withdrawals. There are various options for e-wallets and electronic payment services. Well, the royal panda will provide several of the top-e-wallets as an option to the Indian players. Check the list below for all the payment services that the Indian players can use with the Royal panda and try to figure out which will suit you the best.

You must also keep in mind the withdrawals that have to be done back to the same account from which the original deposit came. You will be able to pick the method that you are comfortable with using in the future. 

  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • Mastercard- it is not optimal in India
  • Visa- It is not optimal In India 

Regulation on withdrawals

There are some strict regulations. The withdrawals from online casinos to Indian bank accounts can be a little bit tricky. As the royal panda casino, India will only allow you the withdrawal in the same payment method. This is the method by which the original deposit will happen.

We also advise you that you shall use your credit or debit card in order to deposit the money to the royal panda casino India. We are also going to suggest that you are using the alternative payment option.

For example, Much better is going to allow you to deposit the money and withdraw the winnings without any issues. 

Well, it can get confusing about the setup, or if you want to see if your bank supports the transactions to and from the casinos and sportsbooks. We suggest that you shall contact the royal panda directly. 

Also, most of the royal panda casino India withdrawal reviews are not very positive. Well, in some cases, the customers can claim that they have not been able to withdraw the winnings and the royal panda also has to explain why. These complaints are not from the Indian players and there are only a few of them (RoyalPanda Review). 

Is Royal Panda Legal in India?

The royal panda casino India is fully available to anyone that is at least 18 years old. There are many times that the Royal panda has designed its Indian website.  

With that, the Indian government has also imposed various strict regulations on the casino. The betting industry can affect you as a player in some ways. Many Indian banks will not allow withdrawals from the casinos in the bank accounts. 

Well, therefore we recommend that the Indian players must use the e-wallets. Or they can use alternative payment methods in order to fund their accounts. There is a range of practical payment options that are very suitable for the Indian market. The regulation is also in its place

Royal Panda Support & Promotion Bonus:

Well, one of the things that we appreciate with the royal panda casino India is that there are various general bonuses that are offered in INR. The bonus is 100% welcome and you will be able to get up to 10,000 INR. This means that you will be able to get 10,000 INR. You will also get an extra 10,000 INR. This will make it to a total of 20,000 INR. 

The casino bonus is only available for its new customers. When you are signing up for the sportsbook you are going to get a $20 free bet by depositing. This will also be done by placing your own $20 bet. 

There is also an exciting 50% bamboo bonus that is also available every Friday. Thus, it can give you up to 10,000 INR per week.

Well, that is far away from all. As the royal panda casino, India has over 10 ongoing promotions at any given time.

We suggest that you are always keeping an eye on the promotions page in order to find the best deal for you. The games that you play or the sports that you are betting on. 


The Royal Panda casino India is one of the best and the greatest gambling international brands with the reputation of being very serious as well as reliable. They also have a widespread presence in India. They provide it with their unique offers and have designed their services exclusively for Indian players.

Combining it with the best selection of casino games and the sports to be bet on, the best customer service, and fast deposits and withdrawals.

You will have an Online casino that is going to satisfy every need of yours. There are not many points to mention when we talk about the negative aspects of the royal panda casino India.

There were only a handful of customers that had issues with the withdrawals. It is one of the top casino services that we recommend to our users (RoyalPanda Review). 

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