BCCI News: India will Not Travel To Pakistan For Asia Cup

A glance at the matter

The Asia cup 2023 is around the corner. All cricket fans are extremely excited about it. And, Pakistan is going to host it this year. However, there is a firm statement from the Board of control for Cricket in India. As per BCCI news, the Indian cricket team will not be travelling to Pakistan if the venue for the Asia Cup 2023 is Pakistan.

There was an executive board meeting of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). It took place in Bahrain. There, the BCCI did mention about not travelling to Pakistan by the Indian cricket team. The reason behind this was that to travel to Pakistan, the team will require permission from the Indian Government. However, they did say that the Indian Government will not give the clearance to do so.

In fact, there was a statement from the BCCI as “Jay is in Bahrain for the ACC meeting. The BCCI’s stand will not change. We will not be travelling to Pakistan as we haven’t got any go-ahead from the government.”

Jay Shah is the secretary of the Board of control for Cricket in India. He is the one who did announce the BCCI news publicly.

In response, the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board – Najam Sethi, did ask the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) about the elaboration of the whole decision.

Moreover, during the month of October 2022, Jay Shah did give a statement that the Indian team is not going to travel to Pakistan at all. Which obviously did receive a similar response from Ramiz Raza (The Chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board). As per his words, if the Indian team is not going to Pakistan then the Pakistan Cricket team will also not join the 50 overs World Cup which is taking place in India.

What does the BCCI offer as a solution?

This BCCI news definitely did attract a lot of negativity at first. As the relationship between both countries has not been on the right path since the last 20 years. Therefore, the Pakistan Cricket Board is obviously questioning about the BCCI’s decision against Asian Cricket Council (ACC).

The BCCI did try to present their reasons. In fact, one of the sources from BCCI did say, “The Indian government will not give permission for the Indian team to travel to Pakistan. The BCCI has tried to make other boards understand the situation. So everyone thought to wait for one more month”.

The above statement precisely tells that everyone is trying to pursue things smoothly. However, there was a release from the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) as, “The ACC had a constructive dialogue on the upcoming Asia Cup 2023. The Board agreed to continue discussions on operations, timelines and any other specifics with a view to ensuring the success of the tournament. An update on the matter would be taken on the next ACC Executive Board Meeting to be held in March 2023.”

They also said, “In another development, the executive board approved the inclusion of teams from Japan (JAPAN CRICKET ASSOCIATION) and Indonesia (PERSUTAN CRICKET INDONESIA) in the ACC pathway tournaments to participate in the events as invitees. The ACC will also look into reviving women’s cricket in Afghanistan, who aren’t playing cricket post Taliban rule in the country.”

Matter of concern

Recent news about Peshawar’s bomb bland is definitely a matter of concern over security. There is another BCCI news about suggesting the change of venue. In fact, there are crystal clear words from the BCCi about mentioning the other venue options such as UAE and Sri Lanka. Therefore there is a fair chance that the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) might shift the venue to UAE. However, the hosting rights will stay with pakistan. Adding to that, if things did not work out, Sri Lanka can be the best option for the same.

However, nothing is for sure now. BCCI will decide in March and make the final decision.

Asia Cup 2023

The Asia cricket cup is going to start on 2nd September 2023. Moreover, the final match of the tournament will be on the 17th of the very same month. Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is the administrator of the whole tournament. In addition, it will follow the Round-robin tournament format. Six teams are going to join. However, the names of the teams are not final yet.

All in all, the final BCCI news will be out in a month. So, just wait for the solution. We will be back soon with the latest updates.

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