Asia Cup 2023: India vs Pakistan: Head-to-Head Records

The hybrid model is agreed for this Asia Cup 2023. India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Nepal, will compete in the 2023 Men’s Asia Cup.

This year’s Asia Cup 2023 is the 16th edition of the competition, first held in 1984. In addition, five of the past 15 matches have been hosted by Bangladesh, four by Sri Lanka, four by the UAE, and one each by India and Pakistan.

Meanwhile, India is the most successful team in Men’s Asia Cup history with seven titles, followed by Sri Lanka (six times) and Pakistan (twice). However, the only other finalist, Bangladesh, has lost the championship thrice.

India vs Pakistan: A Rivalry for the Ages

One of the most heated sporting rivalries in the world is the one between India and Pakistan. Intensity is a hallmark of the games between India and its neighbor. It is regarded as one of the largest games in the world and one of the most watched sporting events. 

The tense relations between the two countries—the result of sour diplomatic ties and conflict that began with the partition of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Indo-Pakistani Wars, and the Kashmir dispute—laid the groundwork for the emergence of a fierce sporting rivalry between the two countries, who had previously shared a history of cricket.

In 1952, when Pakistan was touring India, the two teams first faced off. Since then, limited-overs series and tests have been played, while some planned tours by both teams have been canceled or abandoned due to political issues. 

India vs Pakistan: Head-to-Head Records

There have been 203 games between the two teams. However, India has won 72 games, whereas Pakistan has won 88. In addition, Pakistan has a higher win percentage in ODIs and Tests than India, despite India taking eight out of the twelve T20 Internationals between the two teams.

FormatMatches playedIndia wonPakistan wonDraw/Tie/No ResultNotes

ICC Tournaments

Pakistan achieved its first-ever victory over India in a World Cup match at the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. However, India still holds a superior record in ICC competitions. Meanwhile, in the Champions Trophy, Pakistan won in three of their five matches with the other team. That includes the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy Final. 

However, in the 2007 ICC World Twenty20 Final in South Africa saw India win, and this was the second time the two sides had faced off in an ICC final.

TournamentMatches playedIndia wonPakistan wonDraw/Tie/No result
World Cup7700
T20 World Cup7511
Champions Trophy5230

India vs Pakistan: Asia Cup Head-to-Head Records

In the 1984 Asia Cup in Sharjah, India and Pakistan had their first encounter. With a comfortable lead of 54 runs, Team India won that game. 

Meanwhile, Pakistan did not visit India for the 1990–91 tournament. In addition, India missed the 1986 edition in Sri Lanka. However, in various versions, India and Pakistan have faced off 17 times at the Asia Cup. In the 15 games that have ended as a result, India is up 9-6 (including 4-1 in the last five).


1984, league, Sharjah: India lost by 54 runs to Pakistan 134 (39.4).

1988, league, Dhaka: Pakistan 142 (42.2) lost to India 143-6 (40.4) by 4 wickets with 26 balls left.

1995, league, Sharjah: Pakistan beat India by 97 runs, 266-9 (50).

1997, league, SSC: No result, Pakistan 30-5 (9).

1997, league (rematch): game abandoned without a ball being bowled.

2000, league, Dhaka: Pakistan beat India by 44 runs.

2004, Super Four, Premadasa: Pakistan won by 59 runs over India 241-8 (50).

2008, league, Karachi: India 301-4 (42.1) defeated Pakistan 299-4 (50) by 6 wickets with 47 balls left to bat.

2008, Super Four, Karachi: With 27 balls remaining, Pakistan 309-2 (45.3) beat India 308-7 (50) by 8 wickets.

2010, league, Dambulla: India 271-7 (49.5) beat Pakistan 267 (50) by 3 wickets with 1 ball remaining.

2012, league, Mirpur: India 330-4 (47.5) beat Pakistan 329-6 (50) by 6 wickets with 13 balls remaining.

2014, league, Mirpur: Pakistan 249-9 (49.4) beat India 245-8 (50) by 1 wicket with two balls remaining.

2016, league, Mirpur: India beat Pakistan 85-5 (15.3) by 5 wickets with 27 balls remaining. Pakistan scored 83 (17.3).

2018, league, Dubai: India 164-2 (29) beat Pakistan 162 (43.1) by 8 wickets with 126 balls remaining.

2018, Super Four, Dubai: India 238-1 (39.3) beat Pakistan 237-7 (50) by 9 wickets with 63 balls remaining.

2022, league, Dubai: India beat Pakistan 148-5 (19.4) by 5 wickets with 2 balls remaining. Pakistan’s score was 147.

2022, Super Four, Dubai: Pakistan 182-5 (19.5) beat India 181-7 (20) by 5 wickets with 1 ball remaining.

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